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for Irrevocable Decision

6/23/2008 c11 gibblesgal
You know, it's kind of good that Jack went and got himself injured. It's probably the only thing that will prevent Sam from giving him the most physical and verbal punishment he's ever received from a woman.

Having Oscar around seems to be a saving grace for Jack. In more ways than one.

No matter how mad she is at him I'm sure she won't hesitate to save his life.
6/23/2008 c10 gibblesgal
Oh yeah! Good old emotions get the better of a situation sooner or later. Unfortunately, the results can be disasterous in many different forms. This whole story is really heating up.
6/23/2008 c9 gibblesgal
Fireworks of a different kind abound in this chapter. Sam sure showed a lot of restraint by not hauling off and smacking him. After all, he's not her CO anymore.

I like Olivia. She's seen through Jack's attempts to hide away and is calling him on it.
6/23/2008 c8 gibblesgal
Jacob does a good job of pushing Jack's buttons, but I think he may want to watch out for an explosion he isn't willing to face. We all know that Jack is no pushover physically even if Jacob does now have additional strengths from his symbiote. He may be Sam's father, but does he really have the right to keep shoving this fact in Jack's face? Apparently, Selmac doesn't think so. Jack is so torn up inside he just wants to be left alone to deal with it all in his own way. Maybe, just maybe he'll see the light.
6/23/2008 c7 gibblesgal
It appears that Jacob is certainly giving Jack lots of advance warning of an impending storm to be dished out by his daughter should the head of all this turmoil be popped. By all accounts, Sam has been stewing and is just waiting for her chance.

Jack doesn't want a confrontation with her, but realizes that he'd be putting his life in peril by trying to escape through the wilderness feeling as he does. He has decided that he is done putting other lives in danger as well. He's just going to bide his time with what he has and hope for the best.
6/23/2008 c6 gibblesgal
I don't think I have ever read Carter being so pissed, annoyed and baffled all at the same time.

Having Oscar make such an entrance certainly difused a building difficult situation. And of course, Jack took up with him as fast as Oscar took up with Jack.

It doesn't appear that Sam is any too ready to speak with Jack about anything.
6/21/2008 c5 gibblesgal
So, now enters Olivia (wonder where that name came from :D) a person that Jack obviously knows well, as a friend. Interesting how Jacob immediately thinks that there's more to it. Then, while all this meeting and greeting is going on, who shows up? Sam. Well, the gang's all here. When does the party start? Do you think that the concern for the poached animals will carry over to humans?
6/21/2008 c4 gibblesgal
I don't think that Jack was particularly fond of being deceived by Jacob in regard to the extent of Sam's injuries. Maybe by actually hitting Jacob it will help Jack to get on with dealing with what's really wrong with him. He'd better hurry while the door is open.
6/21/2008 c3 gibblesgal
So, Jacob finally got to the point of his unexpected visit. How will Jack handle this grim knowledge that Sam has called out for him from her infirmary bed? Very nicely done. The soul of SG-1 has to make some very difficult decisions.
6/21/2008 c2 gibblesgal
Whoa! Talk about being mad at the world! He's distancing himself from everyone he knows. Just think, the explosion hasn't even happened yet. LOL
6/21/2008 c1 gibblesgal
This chapter certainly sets the stage for some fireworks in future chapters. Brashness at its finest from one man named Jack O'Neill.
11/26/2007 c19 SuperNovaGirl
I must say, you sure know what

ur doing!

Update soon!

Hope it does not take you

a year:-\
4/8/2007 c1 219VisualIDentificationZeta
ah, Jack has level 6 advanced, PLUS 30 years of experience as Special Forces and Black Ops when he had to put it to good use. Plus, he's physically much stronger and has a far superior endurance and reserves of energy than Sam. Sam wouldn't last long in a fight because of the way she eats (or doesn't eat many times), which means low energy and muscles that are made for short explosions and not for endurance.

Also, she can no way in hell match Jack's psych power that his maturity and age gives him he can withstand rigours and exhaustion much better than a younger person, man or woman.

No matter how good she'd get Sam would be never be a match for him and he certainly wouldn't be afraid of her. Also, since when does sam have level 4?
9/7/2006 c9 4dyslecksec
“Sorry, Morgan, the lady’s already taken.”

I'm of the opinion, that in that state of mind and at the moment, after that line Sam would've laid Jack out cold, *not* gone with him. I've never thought Sam would be one to allow herself to be pushed around like that. But I guess that's just my interpretation.
6/28/2006 c19 10TLWROX
*sing song* A-MA-ZING! Fuckin' A! This was a wonderful story! (Thank goodness I got a day off and was able to finish it- I've been dying to know for a week and 1/2!) I just LOVE that Jack couldn't comprehend what Sam was showing him- he was so certain that she left- just like him. LOVE that she came in a little skirt and was sexy and mischevious and totally had him wrapped around her finger. This was beautiful- can't wait for your next fic. :) :) :)
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