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for Irrevocable Decision

6/19/2006 c18 9Natters
poor nurses ;) more please
6/17/2006 c18 10TLWROX
Jack! Mean! Bad boy... ;)

Wow- I can't understand why he got pissed either... I either need to read more or go back!

I'll be gone the whole summer starting tomorrow and my internet access will be limited, so I'm nervous I won't get chapter 19 for awhile to come! :( NO! Can't wait for more, though! (And a long one!) :) :) :)
6/17/2006 c18 132ALIMOO1971
i wounder what the book was about or what was in it, please up date soon
6/17/2006 c18 trtlsoup2001
What I don't understand is that if he resigned, why would he even be at the SGC. Or be listening to Janet. This is all very confusing... I understand the concern, but legally they can't make medical decisions for him if he's a civilian... Hm. Maybe I missed something?
6/17/2006 c18 87mishy-mo
what's with the book ?

great chapter! - thanks for replying to my last review!
6/17/2006 c18 12janissima
You're forgiven for the two short's just that I enjoy your story so much that I want to keep reading! Now, why on Earth is Jack so pissed about a book on ice hockey? I am sure you will let us know in the next chapter! I'm really looking forward to the final one. I probably won't get to it until later next week as I am having sugery to repair a herniated disc...:( But being able to look forward to the finale will keep my spirits up...just make sure to have some good Sam and Jack shippiness, OK?

As always, terrific writing, Pam.

6/17/2006 c18 liketoread
Omigosh! Not soon enough! Very much looking forward to that final chapter-including the mystery of "who" brought the hockey book (Sam?). I'll be sorry to see the story end.
6/17/2006 c18 8ProudAthena
That was really good - I liked the humour in that chapter and it was really nicely judged. Good dialogue between Sam & Janet at the start too.

Looking forward to Chapter 19!
6/17/2006 c18 14Buffy2204
ooh, I don't want it to end. *pouts*

At least Jack is a little less grumpy. Not a lot less but I can see he's getting there. Another great chapter.

I just want to applaud you for mentioning Siler's name. He's one of the characters that don't get enough recognition. It's not a good fanfiction if Siler (or walter) haven't been mentioned. You must think I'm very strange, unfortunately this actually means something to me. You have just made my day.
6/17/2006 c18 RomieG
PLEASE update soon, I'm eager to read what happens next! Don't keep us in suspense too long!
6/14/2006 c17 Buffy2204
I'm glad the other members of SG-1 got to have their say. Let's all shout at Jack!
6/14/2006 c17 12janissima
Yep, Jack can always count on Teal'c to come right to the point! I am wondering if Jack was really surprised when Daniel said he missed arguing with him, or was he being sarcastic! Loved the addition of Janet, Daniel and Teal'c in this chapter but it was too short...:( Looking forward to more, as always!
6/14/2006 c17 36scottiedog
Keep up the good work!
6/14/2006 c17 87mishy-mo
great chapter but i hope that Jake is still there - cos he's been fab a the voice of reason in this story!
6/14/2006 c17 scarletwitch0
I hope Janet comes in and sees the mask off and gives Jack a big honkin' needle filled with someting painful that will keep him aware and in pain. Or maybe Jacob or Sam will come in and squeal on him. (Heh, heh)
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