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7/13/2007 c1 5AkuRoku.Dragon
That was adorable!
6/28/2007 c1 x.DANCEDANCE.x
Ah yes.

Two times is the charm.

Well, three times is the saying, but you get the point. LOL.
8/24/2006 c1 SchmetterlingTurm
Aw aw aw. It made me turn into a puddle of Akuroku-loving goo.

Love for you.
5/4/2006 c1 k.c

This story was seriously hilarious. I must've re-read it...about 3 times now? And I still laugh just as hard every single time. I love it, especially Axel. Lmaoo. Poor Roxas. I'm looking forward to another one of your stories.

Later, -K.C
5/3/2006 c1 17lighter-kun

5/2/2006 c1 5levisrictusias
Very nice a cute and fluffy! =) You have Axel down as far as personality and goes but Roxas I thought was the complete opposite. Usually, Roxas is more reserved and very broody, which is why i thought iw as odd for him to be so...erm...girly, I supposed? I don't know...it's just a trap a lot of people fall into. They do the same thing with Cloud and Sora, too. They all turn into whiny, annoying, girly, bitches completely against their character.

Don't take this as a flame but constructive criticism. Your Roxas isn't necessarily the whiny, annoying, girly, bitchy mass of OOC-ness as most others' are so I thank the LORD for that. The plot in and of itself was good and the idea certainly warmed my heart but next time work on characterization and maybe even a little bit of language.

Remember that there's always room for improvement! Keep on writing! =)

5/2/2006 c1 nanashi000
Aw, that was so sweet!
5/1/2006 c1 11Sonora-Margaret
It's cute.
5/1/2006 c1 7xxavee
Gaasp. x3 Excellent and cute and WONDERFUL. And Axel quoting Shakespeare is the BOMB DOT ORG. x3
5/1/2006 c1 17Darkness-Heart
haha... That was so funny and cute! I can't believe you don't have any reviews yet! Anyway, I liked how you described the characters. It really got me into the story. You are very talented, I would like to see another Axel/Roxas story from you. (because that pairing is the best, SRSlY)

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