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2/17/2012 c35 ImSexy'NdINoIt
Omg this was the best chapter of all of them by FAR! IT was epic so thnk u for tht!
8/1/2011 c34 Anon
Honestly, NONE of this belongs in the rated M section.
7/14/2011 c27 2ChikaraDesu
Holy! These are all super great! I really like the way you write, you style has such nice flow:D
6/1/2011 c10 12Mad Jaqi

It may not mean much from one person but I wanted to thank you for this. Most first times aren't magical with things falling into place automatically. Things don't go alright and mistakes do happen. It's awkward, just like the real world. Some authors make it out like it's perfect and beautiful like a porno. Real sex is not like a porno, especially first time sex.

Sorry if i'm blathering but I had to applaud you for this.
4/12/2011 c13 51Ensign Klutz
This one was VERY sweet, I think I have cavities now, but I am willing to bear them since this was a fluffy chapter!
4/12/2011 c10 Ensign Klutz
I want to applaud you for this installment. From what I've seen in this series, other writers pretend that even though Robin has not had his "first" time he knows what he's doing. This chapter outlines how the "first" time really is! I wanted to thank you for this and sorry if this review does not make sense. All in all, a great chapter
4/12/2011 c8 Ensign Klutz
Awesome. There is just no other word to describe this one... Wait, another word is sweet.
4/12/2011 c7 Ensign Klutz
I just had to tell you that I loved which Young Justice characters were cosplaying as! It was pure genius! I think my favorite was Kon~

X3 I really like this one as well; Kon's staring is adorable~ thank you for this chapter.

P.S: Is Cartoonist a real villain?
4/12/2011 c6 Ensign Klutz
Wow, this one was epic in the sense of the incident with Match... Poor Robin; Poor Superboy... *glances* they made up! I enjoyed how you gave them a sweet ending~
4/12/2011 c3 Ensign Klutz
Oooh~! This is a great find for me! I really enjoyed this chapter with the factoids and the standing relationship! Tis a dream come true! Thanks~

P.S: This is just a heads up, but I am going to review a few of these chapters, so... yeah, heads up! :)
2/27/2011 c37 4Smoltwire
I'm honestly surprised this wonderful series of work doesn't have as many reviews as it deserves. I've found these stories to be absolutely delightful yo read and amazingly romantic and sexy in total. Amazing job.
2/21/2011 c37 6Manialoll Spins
I enjoyed reading these so much! Not only do you write very well, but everyone is so in-character too, it makes it that much more fun to read! My favourites are probably Better than Success, A Tease of Invitation, and Making Contact, but they are all very good! :D (my favourite chapter title has got to be (Because it's Friday, and I'm in Love XD)
2/21/2011 c37 AmiAsh
I love these little stories so much! They're really cute and funny and most of all really well-written! I'm looking forward to the next one!
11/22/2010 c37 asm
love your kon/tim stories. your characterizations are very appealing. there's not as much of them being written these days. thanks for sharing
4/18/2010 c37 4neverwinter134
'mazing. Suppose you're not going to write more?

Incredible, as I was saying. :)
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