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3/3/2013 c1 madinalakesavedmylife
Oh my God, I cried.'ve reduced me to a snivelling wreck, this was just so atmospheric and sad... nothing ever makes me cry like this!

I actually wrote a story of my own (not fanfiction) where someone has a similar reaction to someone they love dying, so I really enjoyed this! (I feel kinda bad saying I enjoyed such a sad story, but meh.) This was just fantastic, you're a brilliant writer! Keep up the awesomesauce work dude! XD
10/6/2007 c1 2Anaeli
wow! its weird but... in a good way!
3/3/2007 c1 jackiesgal
i loved it! amazing... when are you gonna finish the girl next doo though? Please say you aren't gonna end there?
8/9/2006 c1 Eveline Wulf
Hey Ophelia!

I loved this alternate universe one-shot for " The Girl Next Door". Wow, everything was very sad because Jack died :( Poor Maddie! She's insane, and not pregnant :( I definitely enjoyed Bobby watching out for her, because that was sweet of him to do for his brother. Hm, another masterpiece by you posted. Wow, I sound like Yoda. I meant so say another masterpiece posted by you. I'm being weird now, so I'm gonna stop. Wonderful writing :D Good job!

- Nicole *xoxo:D*
7/15/2006 c1 OpheliasCousin

Yes i definitly like the one where he lives better...just because there is more to you lots
7/10/2006 c1 tlm1633
omg I cried while reading this , I'm so glad he lived in your other fic. It was a good story though!
5/24/2006 c1 RillianHedley
You made her crazy?

Bobby is in love with her?

I'm very confused Heather!
5/6/2006 c1 JackMercerisLove
Yes! It's finally letting me review this! First I have to say, I love the concept of this story. It would make an interesting multi-chaptered story, but it's perfect as a one-shot.

One thing I can't seem to get straight, Is Bobby REALLY in love with Maddie? I'd be interested to know how this happened if it turns out to be true.

Gosh, this story was heartbreaking, yet chilling at the same time. I give you major props for that.

You are such an amazing writer!
5/3/2006 c1 1Rinse and Repeat
I feel like an idiot for not reviewing this sooner. I got your review reply just now for TGND and when you mentioned this story I was like "Whoa, when was this?" I seriously would've reviewed sooner if I had actually been paying attention and seen this. Anyways, on with the review.

When I read the summary I thought maybe Maddie will be a little depressed. Never would I have guessed clinically insane. I knew something wasn't quite right when she SAW Jack at his grave, but I still didn't expect her to be THAT bad off. It was a nice shocker and very, very different from your much happier TGND. It was slightly creepy too though, which isn't a bad thing at all.

And now like the idiot I am, I've been sitting here with this window open since like three in the afternoon [note its 9:07 here]. Honestly, this wasn't too strange because when something that traumatic happens sometimes people really do lose it. My aunt did when she lost her baby so I don't care who tries to prove you wrong on that, it happens. Not all that often, but it does lol.

The end, right before the lyrics. This line to be exact: “Good night, Maddie.” he said to the darkness. “Perhaps tomorrow you’ll realize it’s been me all along.” I really liked where that was placed. I'm probably wrong, but I got the impression that was Bobby hoping that maybe she would realize it was really him instead of Jack. Like I said I'm most likely wrong.

Having Bobby there for her was something really nice I wouldn't have expected at first, but it makes sense. He was Jack's oldest brother and Maddie was [is?] the girl that Jack loved so I guess he would feel obliged to take care of her which is more or less what you stated in your story. Therefore I'm being pointless in repeating it. And I'm not sounding half as smart as I hoped I would.

Although I do really like this one-shot I'm gonna have to say if this turns out to be the twisted ending of TGND I'll have to hurt you lol. Heartbreaking is good in this case, but I'd very much like TGND to have a happy ending. I'm insanely jealous of how much talent you have and don't you DARE deny having a to on talent because I swear I'll have to find a way to virtually smack you through your monitor.

My reviews are terrible, please forgive me. I'm a terrible reviewer [critic, whatever] and my contacts are drying out so I look like I'm glaring at the computer screen. My brother thought I writing a hate letter lol. I loved this though. It was really good and very different from a lot of things in this section. Betcha won't find another story where the lover goes crazy in the Four Brother section. Go ahead, look. That's what I thought. xP Okay, I'm really going now. LOVE THE STORY. Mind sharing a tiny bit of your talent with me? I NEED it c'mon. Okay, seriously I have to eyes are burning! Love it lots.

Love ya lots too!

+Athena Moralias
5/2/2006 c1 2Aspiring Empath
*Pause due to the horrendous sobbing coming from one Shining Star of Valinor*...Tears, oh the tears.

Literally Ophelia MaNealia, you gots me crying so hard...but it's the good kind of crying, like the feeling you get seeing Jack in the snow giving Bobby a half smile and...*pause again because one Shining Star of Valinor just passed out from crying so hard* you're sad, yes, but you get this feeling inside because you know he just so damn fine with his luxurious hair all up in the snow and you just cry from the joy of the fact that you got to see his ass before he moved on to a better place.

Oh I'm crying again. I love you. I do. I really probably most likely would die without you and your damn addictive story and it's companions/alternate reality versions.

BOBBY! Oh god, Bobby. And then the...and then...and when she...oh Bobby, wonderful loving, caring Bobby. He just wants Maddie to be happy with Jack. OH THE TEARS! WHY?

Reasons I love The Girl Next Door or TGND

1. Jack is alive (big kicker huh?)

2. Maddie is having Jack's baby still...don't you DARE make her lose the baby in TGND or I might cry so hard I DIE! Are you ready fo that?

3. Maddie is sane...for the most part

4. It doesn't make me cry so hard I pass out...the passing out part being the less attractive feature...

5. Bobby isn't Jack in Maddie's mind...thus Jack not being dead and her still being pregnant...but I thought I should clarify.

Reason's I love YOU!

1. You are THE Ophelia MaNealia

2. You are Ophilly to Addy

3. You are the author of TGND

4. You are the author of other greatnesses

5. You review my story

6. You kick my tuckus until I update


Thus, I love you. And I love your stories. I loved this one, even though it made me cry like one unhappy baby. The tears are still trying to pop out of my eyeballs. I WON'T LET THEM!

I'm so sorry I didn't review this before. As you know Fanfiction is a puddle of poodle right now so it didn't alert me that you had something new. DAMN YOU FANFICTION!

I hope this review was to your satisfaction...I hope you were able to get some...da na naa...sat is fac tion...da na naa...Sorry, Rolling Stones randomness momento brought to you by yours truly, Mwa (for those who can't speak French and are retarded).


Shining Star of Valinor
5/2/2006 c1 hailey
it was really wierd and i think u should keep going with the girl next door and he's not dead because if he is it's sad but thats me not u do whatever u want but i really love the girl next door
5/2/2006 c1 shadow
5/2/2006 c1 4XNegAttentionX
I liked it...The was a neat little twist there! LOL, I didn't imagine that. Very well done.
5/1/2006 c1 10XxCrash.And.BurnXx
i'm sad this is only a oneshot! even though jack died in it i like the story...

*Cam* I live for Garrett Hedlund! (Who doesn't right?)
5/1/2006 c1 Addy- Your Lesbian love
To my dearest Ophilly

This review will warm you up if you are chilly

It will make you nice and hott

Like Jackie-Poo! before he got shot.

I loved this story as you know

I read and reviewed it a while ago

But I must review again to say

That this story was hott God, I'm gay (but you love me anyway).

Maddie has a pillow for a buba! that's new

So is Bobby wanting to do the do

With the one who's lost her sense of reason

But this story was still vurry pleasin'.

You have all the talent in the world and more

Anyone who doesn't agree is a whore

I will lock them away and throw away the key

MUHAHAHA! They'll never be free!

I got kind of scurry thur in that last line sorry

I think I might need to talk to Oprah or Maury

Or maybe It'll just stay insane

There is still much fun to gain!

I hope you're enjoying this poem right now

I want to make you laugh! but how?

"Hello, Heather. You mustn't be blue!"

Oh, that's not funny. It'll just scur you!

I love you, lover, yep big bunches

People now probably have hunches

Pertaining to my sexual orientation

But don't come at me with any segregation in this nation.

I cannot help that I love her oodles

Sorry, Peter! do you like poodles?

Being random is fun

And now this poem is finally done!

And that was the drug awareness poem of the month. This is your brain

on crack, kids remember just say no! (Don't be hoe!)
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