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for Blood of my Blood

10/9/2019 c19 7Slayer76
...Raditz is an idiot
6/24/2018 c65 Guest
lol I like your story
9/27/2017 c41 6jaffa3
So you made Raditz the super sayain instead. Didn't expect that
4/1/2017 c89 DeathShadowX
Love the story hope you don't give up on it. I know what your going thru and its so hard.
2/17/2017 c18 11rimera
Okay... dude just pulled off his tail. I'm out. It was fun while it lasted...
2/17/2017 c17 rimera
Raditz! NOOOO! Mint is tainted, she's bad news! Leave her to Yamcha, that pathetic womanizer deserves her!


Fine. Raditz and the Mary Sue. Whatever. Let's just get on with the ass-kicking...
2/17/2017 c16 rimera
Darn it! I thought for sure Mint was going to meet up with Yamcha after that last attack...
2/17/2017 c15 rimera
ROFL! My favorite part (Yamcha dying) is made a little better by being the moment the hated Mary Sue lost her true love. Maybe she'll be the next to go? Maybe you, dear writer, wrote this as an ironic piece, creating her only to torture and then finally kill her? Maybe Mint and Yamcha will meet each other in Otherworld and spend eternity happily floating around in the clouds while we get to the good part of the story... where Kakarot and Raditz team up against Vegeta and Nappa! I do like the story, over all. Mint is just like an annoying fly that keeps buzzing around, but hopefully she'll die off and we can continue to see some good ole' Saiyan ass-kicking!
1/29/2017 c89 25Arantxa2020
I'm so glad I caught up with the story.
Keep up the good work and update.
1/1/2017 c1 Guest 16
Plot twist on the first Chapter! O_O
12/22/2016 c88 Super Oco
10/14/2016 c1 dragonfox123
Awesome chapter and plot
4/18/2016 c56 Bob
LMAO "Golden ape above"
6/16/2015 c87 Dreamist
Roku6 in Japanese, interesting fact
6/13/2015 c5 26Espeon804
I love this fic by far. Raditz becoming the good guy and bonding with his brother... not a common fic to run into. I wonder how it'll turn out?
I've done the compleate opposite when goku unites with his brother being the bad guy. You can check it out, it's called "The wrath of the Earthling Saiyan"
Anyway, I'm looking forward to read a dozen more chapters!
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