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7/11/2013 c10 1Teddy-Duchamps-girl
I like Trix better
12/22/2009 c13 audrey
good job i liked how you ended it cuz i was really not liking Belle but im glad that she didnt get what she wanted in the end cuz shes a self-centered bitch.
10/26/2007 c13 becca
i have a new admiration for dirt! haha
7/15/2007 c13 kc
i loved h ow you used there dirt thing so much n it was a good story
1/14/2007 c13 7bluferret
I love how your whole story revovled around dirt! It would make a great movie too...The ending & all.
8/2/2006 c13 16TheGoofyCat
AW that was great I loved it, very good ending yay she ended up with Ace yay. :D


Are you going to write any more stories?

I'm sad that this is finished I'll miss reading it. :(

8/1/2006 c13 MushLover92
That ending was very satisfying. I totally loved this story! Write more stories! They are very awesome! I heart you!

8/1/2006 c13 Hang Avril By Her Tie
GAH! this was an AWESOME ending! hehe I love this story, seriously. it kicks major ass. keep writing!

7/22/2006 c12 9StandByMe4ever787
hahah I hope this doesn't make me sound like a bitch but I was laughing throughout the entire chapter. It was hilarious! Good job.
7/22/2006 c12 16TheGoofyCat
HAHA! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Oh God I sound like a school kid cheering people on, LMAO that was so cool, a bitch battle, wo0t. hehe.



now you have to update!.

7/22/2006 c12 Hang Avril By Her Tie


7/22/2006 c12 MushLover92
AH that was awesome! Way to go girls! Hoorah for bitch battles! Not that im like m, tasty, bitch battles, but im all for women sticking up for themselves. Yay for drama! Update when you can but i know ur going away! But please I need to kno wat happens! Love ya cuz!

7/15/2006 c11 2empty regrets
"She was totally calling me a slut. What a whore!" haha that line cracked me up. Anyway, this is amazing. You have to update soon!
7/15/2006 c9 MushLover92
Omigod this story is just so amazing! I really wanna know what Belle will do next! Keep writing more!

7/15/2006 c11 1MushLover92
Omigod Cakes guess who this is!

Yes its your wonderful cousin Janie.

Your story is totally awesome keep writing more!

Okay I'll be honest I've only read the first chapter but I'm gonna read the rest soon and so keep writing so I can keep reading!

Lots of love,

Janie aka MushLover92

P.S. Like the nickname? I thought you would.
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