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for Eclipse of the Sky

11/3/2022 c64 1JaconeDO
Dude this story is gonna give me an earlier end with how much it twists my insides and head. But I just can’t stop reading!
8/26/2022 c21 jamielynn25
Loved it.
8/26/2022 c16 jamielynn25
Plot twist. Wasn’t expecting that
8/26/2022 c12 jamielynn25
Loved it
8/26/2022 c11 jamielynn25
Great story
8/18/2022 c6 sour
"Really, Snape was a thirty something year old wizard that still held a school-boy grudge against a student's long dead father, all because he'd wanted to fuck his mum and gotten friend zoned one too many times. If that didn't scream 'mentally incompetent' he didn't know what did."

what a beautiful succinct description of Snape :) I hate fanon whitewashing to the point where I've find&replaced his name with something else to read otherwise good stories. and everything that happened after Harry died in HP7 was an afterlife fever dream Albus Severus wtf.
4/26/2022 c1 1Kathiena
reading this again! I love it just as much as when I first found it
4/10/2022 c1 Guest
This is highly underappreciated.
4/1/2022 c60 Alien52332
I’m confused. Earlier in the chapter (in Harry pov) he said that if Kally died then no one can produce the antidote anymore. But then they decided to teach others how to brew it with Jake teaching then the final touch?
3/17/2022 c20 Guest
I like the story but seriously can you put "fucking" less and not put every other word italics?
3/10/2022 c18 Alien52332
I know you’re still in the process of fixing this, just want to point out that the retelling of Remus biting Ron is not quite match up with the same event from chapter 16. (Back then Ron was drag back to town, with Remus doing something to prevent others from killing Ron. Here Luna is the one who save him, and they seem to still stay in the forest, if I’m not mistaken )
3/10/2022 c17 Alien52332
Wait, doesn’t harry just inform Kally in Chapter 15 who’s Aragog is?
12/5/2021 c84 Kathiena
just read this again for the goodness knows how many times and every time I do i fall in love with it more! I honestly can't wait for more! I love how you've portrayed the characters, and changed the story to something just as good as the original (if not better lol) Hope you update more soon!
11/30/2021 c20 Tako08
Hey srry about the misunderstanding flame but will u be posting soon
9/25/2021 c2 2Mister Bombadil
For some reason I couldn't put my review on chapter 84. I think it might have to do with a chapter renumbering a while back?

I had time to catch up! Before I had read up to the scene where the twins Lee had lit Privet Drive on fire. I really like your disaster zone settings. The series of surprises, strategies to deal with them, and more surprises keeps things interesting. It leads to some plot-holes too, but that's not surprising in a story this long when you're writing without an editor.

It's nice to see Kally and Harry's relationship steadily becoming less dysfunctional. Harry might have killed Dean if the recent chapters had happened earlier in the story. Or killed Kally too, on the grounds she was associated with a Death Eater. Now they trust each other!

Also, the old guy with a shotgun who wouldn't evacuate was hilarious.

Don't feel bad about updating slowly (especially if you're working on the pandemic). You've got priorities, and it's usually a while before I read things anyway.
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