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for Eclipse of the Sky

9/10 c41 sjkbyite
"Suffice it to say even Madame Pomfreycouldn't keep her body temperature up. Pretty sure both Neville and I slept with her for two days running so she wouldn't die."

This is surprising, would think magic would take care of something like this with heating charms etc. Does this mean certain types of magics(temp control/medical magics) don't work on her because she's a Reach? Or does the zombie-disease prevent temp control magics from working on the victim?
9/5 c83 ToastedCookies
If Harry witnesses the ending of this chapter, everything is going to shit.
9/2 c9 FireMedicSAR
Action central here! riveting when we read it and riveting looking at when we do the review. Best stuff here gentlemen!
9/2 c8 FireMedicSAR
There wasn’t fire, but there was gratuitous violence and explosions so those are close to fire! More real for ya, we don’t read a lot of fanfiction here but we watch a lot of tv and regular books. We did not know you could write like this. Make this into a real story and not a Harry Potter one because you girl are on FIRE and a very good author. We know we don’t know everything about all you voluntees but this is straight up talent pure and real. Do not squander that or we’ll tie you to a backboard again.
9/2 c7 FireMedicSAR
Blood is good! Blood at the end of a chapter is better! This means there is a high chance of fire in the next one!
9/2 c6 FireMedicSAR
Bring back the fire!
9/2 c5 FireMedicSAR
Harry gonna die by a hot blonds hands!
9/2 c4 FireMedicSAR
Harry Harry Harry! Doesnt he know you can’t call a woman ugly? That leads to death and a beautiful woman standing by ashes wearing nothing more than a smile and suspicious residue of ash on her fingers.
9/2 c3 FireMedicSAR
We had to bring in a fan for Jeff. The heat is intense. These two remind us of a poorly supervised fire hazard thats gonna burst into a 9 alarm fire in no time.
9/2 c2 FireMedicSAR
You paid attention to our PTSD training! Such a good girl! You tried to smother Harry and Ron with robes and gave us a mystery and a battle? We have the sudden need to put on bull horn helmets and scream CHARGE! BATTLE!
9/2 c1 FireMedicSAR
You knew this was coming and THIS STARTS WITH A BANG! A spirited start, dragons, nipple rings, torrential rain and most important fire? Giddy up cowgirl we are DOING THIS!
8/17 c84 1asmellysmell
I just binged this whole story over the last few days, and I have to say, this was incredible. It's not often a story this long manages to not only keep my interest, but get better as it goes on. I eagerly await the next chapter.
8/8 c84 sjkbyite
I feel like the jokes were quite a bit overdone in this chapter. Dean's character is annoying as hell, which I assume is what you were going for. Hope he gets a painful death :)
8/7 c84 1DeadFish37
Are we ever going to know what Harry's been up to? Not knowing is infuriating. It feels very unlike Harry to break that promise, and the Death Eaters don't feel significantly weakened by it based on this attack. Lots of the characters have become really annoying here.
8/7 c84 TelevisionLover
I love you. Simple enough. Every update never fails to make my day! Eagerly awaiting every notification.
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