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7/15/2014 c5 kyuki619
awww please continued, it getting really good
7/15/2014 c3 kyuki619
wow eriol save her, but doesnt remember her...lol but lucky she did
6/22/2008 c5 4cheng
mkay but update soon at least :D
3/4/2008 c5 5jae maknae
Well, there is always room for improvement, no?

I'll be waiting for your update!
10/16/2007 c5 7dodobirde
ahh its so good!

update soon ;3
9/28/2007 c5 tomoyo-amethyst
actually , i find the plot is fine ! continue it alrighT ? (=
3/10/2007 c4 1The Guardian Tears

It's good to know that you have update ur story.

Keep goink and do ur best. And I can see that you are not having any mistakes again. Hehe..


Ni chan
3/6/2007 c4 9wonderingstarlight6
hmm... its allright. i like it. update yeah! hahaa. ill be looking forward to it soon. update soon.

ja na.
3/6/2007 c3 9wonderingstarlight6
aw so kind of eriol-san. why? hes supposed to be cold-hearted. lol. jkjk. its your story. good job!
3/6/2007 c1 9wonderingstarlight6
nice story! i enjoyed it. although, i wish eriol was a little colder. hahhaa. im kidna used to him that way. but anywhos, the sotry went well. that step-father of tomoyos should die! who does that? arranged marriages anymore? thats crazy! lol. it was nice of your friend wrote it but i suggest you fix all the grammer and such. i dint catch them all. so just look it over again. okay. ill keep on reading. but you need to keep writing. hehehe. thanks.

ja na.
1/2/2007 c4 SnowCharms
This will definitely be interesting...hurry up n update! I can't wait 2 read ur nx chapter!
12/17/2006 c5 20SummerAlly
when you're in love... it's a funny feeling. for some reason, sometimes you won't even feel it until it's a bit late or when you know he likes another person. nobody is "horrid looking" as you put it. It's just however one views a person.

Some signs of being in love (sorta true) are:

heart beat rate increasing...

heat rising to your cheek

could hardly breathe correctly when you're next to that one person

or when you can barely stop thinking of that person

and whenever someone says their name, your eyes immediately light up and your heart starts beating really fast

AND when your heart hurts when that one person is with someone else...

and please update this story :D
12/17/2006 c5 11rizeleth
great story hope you update soon.
11/7/2006 c5 JusT LooKing ArounD
How would you know if you're in love? Well... It's hard to explain... You'll just know it.. I guess it's when you can't stop thinking about him... When everything he does seems to be 'right'. When your heart beats faster when he talks to you OR LOOK AT YOU. When you can't stop thinking about him. When there's this feeling that you can't really explain but you know it's there...

You shouldn't even THINK that you look horrid... EVryone has her own BEAUTY and I'm sure YOU have too... Besides, love isn't only about outer appearance. Don't beat yourself up.

So he's in love with someone else? Hmm... That can't be help, I guess. If you are in fact in love with him, it would hurt. But your life doesn't end there. It may seem that way, but it DOESN'T. Believe me. There's more to life than having a boyfriend. But of course I'm not telling you to give your feelings up. THAT would be difficult. You know, loving isn't really about being happy.. At least that's what I think. I love because it's what keeps me going. It's painful but somehow, it still gives me inspiration.. It helps me. When you love, you can NOT avoid getting hurt. Pain is already a prat of love. Just remember that there's someone THERE who loves you... You're not alone.

Be positive thinker... You'll never know... He might like you too... Basta, ang isipin mo na lang ngaun,ung mga mas importanteng bagay, tulad ng pag-aaral... Darating din yung "SOMEONE" na iyon... You just have to wait and go on with your life... Don't look for love, coz LOVE WILL FIND YOU!

STay alive and ENJOY LIFE!

Don't let a guy get you down! Stand straight and face the world head up!

Besides, you still have to update! ;)I'll be waiting! No mATTER HOW LONG!

Good luck with whatever you're struggling now...

9/12/2006 c4 5Shenhui
Your story is cute..^^ Update soon!^^

And I love Highschool Musical...^^ I think a friend of mine has a piano sheet or something..^^ I'll ask..^^ (she's very obsessed with that movie!)^~

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