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for Love will always stay strong

2/6/2016 c9 AeronSky
Here's your 6th review like you asked for.
The story was good, the pairing of jack and Raimundo as lovers was surprising and you might want to rewrite the story (or create a new story featuring R.J) as to explain R.J's backstory and why did R.J have the scepter of life cause that part of how for some reason R.J had the Shen gong wu that could bring him back to life.
So if you do create a new story count this as my vote towards convincing you to create a prequel to this story.
8/2/2006 c8 74Shadowrisen
6/28/2006 c2 28princ3ssch3rri3bl0ss0m724
This is great, you should continue!
5/6/2006 c2 Chozo Warrior01
5/6/2006 c1 23Sciencefictionsquirrel
Very Good! You nailed Kimiko and Omi's personalities perfectly, and you did a good job with the rest!
5/4/2006 c1 Chozo Warrior01
I've already read it. I liked alot.

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