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4/6/2020 c9 Shelby Young
Written so long ago, but still awesome. Your touch with the brothers' relationship throughout the entire story was so deft; they had actual reasons for what they said and did, based on both their history and their self-image. Thank you for writing this!
5/13/2018 c9 ngregory763
This was, by far, the best fan fiction out there that ties in the civil war. I enjoy history and this just brought to life the pain and bitterness that was felt through blood spilled and freedom earned for all residents of those few states. The boys had that unique brotherly bond to release the lingering anger that you built this story with. What an amazing mind you have!
4/24/2018 c9 Kathy
finished this whole story, really good, totally worth the read, thanks
1/3/2017 c9 Guest
Great way to get a taste of the American civil war, how to make bullets and how dogs think. Messy, hot and squirrels. Many thanks Sasha aka £££.
9/6/2015 c9 4Freya922
Fantastic read. Loved the complexity of the haunting and intriguing OCs. You broke my heart with the reflections on Dean's psychology.

"I always do damage," he replied, believing it. "That's what I do. That's what I'm for."

That KILLED me.
8/25/2015 c1 Freya922
God, I love the way you write. Another story set up that pulls me right in! And your prose... Loved this bit of phrasing:"The Atlantic promised to whip your ass, promised you cod and salt and icebergs. That ocean whispered Reykjavik and the Faeroes and Greenland in the same way the Pacific breezily dreamt up Tahiti and Fiji and Oahu."
8/11/2015 c9 5klu
This was another really fun story.
Your ghost-controlled dog combined with the angry spirit made for a really interesting Hunt.
The idea of a 'lucky-or-unlucky' bullet charm was a good twist. I like to think it was lucky for Dean. While he's banged up a lot, he DOES seem to heal fast, and his pretty face is never harmed irreparably...

I must say, while I am always sad to see a dog's demise, and especially one that would usually have such a sweet temperament, I certainly can not fault you for taking Buttercup out. I think Dean and Sam could have, however, just have gone to the Farmer home and TOLD them that the now-deceased dog was at the county facility and given a verbal recap of the events leading to their beloved pet's death. The bullet-hole-riddled, bloodied doggie-corpse didn't need to be delivered to the family in all it's Kujo-esque glory. But it did make for some rather dark comedy, which I appreciate.

And the thoughts of the dog... She was hilarious! As I read I petted my own pup, wondering if he has as salty language. I know he has the same feelings towards squirrels, but so do I.

I loved your OC's and the enthusiasm they showed in their reenactments; Sadly I've known a few of those individuals and I can say that they ARE that dedicated.

Thanks so much for writing.

On a side note: I loved Sam's thoughts on Wile E. Coyote, but I want to point out that ACME doesn't sell food, and a coyote can't just go into a restaurant and order a steak dinner. So his argument is invalid. Plus, it's the HUNT that Wile E. enjoys; he's just trying to think outside the box - showing his genius by building a better Roadrunner trap, if you will. It's not his fault that ACME is the only company that will give him credit and that ACME products are often defective. As far as Dean being 'too old' for the cartoon, you're never too old for those; Sam needs to lighten up. :}
1/18/2015 c8 flashahh
Awesome couple of chapters. Great tension, the switching viewpoint worked well and the bits of possessed dean were fantastic. Thought the mix of dog thoughts overly open dean and ghost thoughts but somehow all making sense coming from dean was awesome. You do a good job at hinting at storylines or emotions without being obvious.
10/8/2013 c9 61PokeyDotes
I absolutely loved this story, and am giggly excited that I found it. I majored in anthropology in college, and actually spent a summer doing digs at sites in Alabama. Kudos on making everything seem legit and realistic.

Another big kudos on getting Sam and Dean right. You kept them 'them' while adding your own touch of style. I like it!

Also, I'm in love with the way you wrote Buttercup, and the way you wrote Dean being possessed by Buttercup. I can imagine that being difficult to do, yet you pulled it off fantastically. From this point forward, rest assured that because of you, every time I see a dog, I'll be imagining it thinking 'Fucking wiggly squirrels.'
3/26/2013 c4 10Lyoness of Avalon
Wow. That was a fantastic description of a bloodbath. (That may be a heartless thing to say.)
I love the point of view of the dog and her tenaciousness.
I really hope the description of the holy water bullet is in the next chapter.
12/30/2012 c5 Kait
I love this story a whole bunch and I love that you mentioned scrapple in this chapter, bless your soul.
7/1/2010 c1 174Mad Server
I just listened to this on audiobook. Dog-possessed Dean... soooo good. :)
1/3/2010 c9 128Ophium
I loved this story from first line to last. As always, your tales are filled with deliciously accurate and vivid descriptions and the characters, both original and the ones we're already familiar with, sound real and solid.

I did come across something that you might find funny... or piss you off...


Check out the civil war's soldier's name and the concept of the story... I think you have yourself a fan!
9/29/2009 c3 WatchOutForIce
“You ever heard those stories, about how some families, especially in this area, split apart during the war, took different sides?”

Oh, Sammy, please go to sleep, Dean thought. Trust him to concentrate on the intellectual aspects of getting your ass fired on by Civil War reenactors egged on by a ghost. “What do you mean, Sam?”

“You know, a father or a brother signs up for the Confederates, and the son or another brother goes over to the North?” He must have looked over again, because Dean could hear his voice get a little clearer, but Dean had already closed his eyes. “You know, happened a lot. Two brothers facing each other across a battlefield.”

“Yeah,” Dean breathed, thisclose to being asleep.

“It’d be weird, don’t you think? Can you imagine such a thing?” And Sam probably went on, probably at length, but Dean had already fallen deeply asleep and was finally, blissfully, impervious to his younger brother’s curious musings about fratricide.


You know - I know this was written in 06, but its kind of scary how you've brought up the current issues...

*goes back to adoring the writing*
7/7/2009 c9 Hybrid-Cookie376
I love this so much! I really like your writing style/your characterisations particularly Sam and Buttercup (whose first chapter confused the hell out of me until i got into it :) )

Adding you to alerts just in case you wander back to fic land :)
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