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for When a Man Loves a Villain

4/7/2014 c14 29Silvereye-BW
Awesome fic.
10/15/2011 c4 1nekoken
hey there, thanks for writing this story and I just finished another one from you the tutor I believe and I noticed something in both of theses stories. there really isn't any conflict and the conflict you have is underdeveloped and that makes for bad writing. Its great to have everything go right for you characters but it make for a boring read. they have to have conflict and struggle their way through it. It can have the same out come but with out the struggle it leave the reader unfulfilled. Also you don't really develop the relationships between your characters they get together really easily then when they get together it all seems lovey dovey and nothing interesting happens. Writing good romance isn't people making out and feeling each other up. its the brush of a hand, a kind word a blush here and there a kiss on the cheek. then you build up to the other things. These are the biggest flaws I have seen in your writing and i am sure if you worked on it you could truly make some great stories but these two have seem to have fallen a little short of that mark. Well I am going to get back to this story and see if it actually develops and drama or conflict. Hope you don't take my comment in a negative light I appreciate the effort you pit towards your story and hope my comment helps you develop your writing skills
6/28/2010 c2 3ZadZap
Sorry it took me a while to read your fics love it so far
9/25/2008 c2 49Ninja Master
I'm glad you write this there realy is it any fanfic and fanart of Ron/Adrena!
9/25/2008 c1 Ninja Master
Very good ch!
7/15/2007 c2 Lizzathon
U really suprised me. I was expecting a Ron/Shego pairing so this is very unpredictable and I like that in a stoy
4/5/2007 c14 19kim's 1 fan
great story man, the only problem I have with it is the possibility that Kim and Shego might be lesbians? Am I wrong? or is that the direction you were going with this? other then that, great story man.
4/2/2007 c13 220Jesus.Lives
I like Monique and Felix too. :D Way too cute. :D
4/2/2007 c2 Jesus.Lives
You set us up! :D ;) This is good.
4/2/2007 c1 Jesus.Lives
It's so Shego. :D
3/26/2007 c14 CastaS
great story, i enjoyed reading it.
3/15/2007 c14 13creativesm75
3/15/2007 c14 16Etherelemental
Not too bad. Not really much happening here, but it is the epilogue after all. ^_^ Anyway, I hope it doesn't take you as long to get up the sequel as it has a few of these updates. -_^ Anyway, that was quite amusing. I especially liked the part with Kim thinking that she saw Shego there. Which makes me kinda wonder if you're going to pair the two of them up. ^_^ Anyway, thanks for posting this!
3/15/2007 c4 11Tragic warrior
Not bad. I have a feeling who the biker was; at least I hope I'm right.
3/15/2007 c3 Tragic warrior
I wonder who Kim is gong to be paired with? Anyway nice chapter.
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