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12/1/2006 c10 RI100014
"I know this chapter sucked, but it was meant to be a filler..."

Why you say that? I thought was hilarious. And from a KiGo confused avid reader of KP fanfiction, I found myself enjoying the light banter between the two women.

"Dont. Touch. The breast." HAHAHAHAH. That killed me. :P

Like I said before: This plot just keeps getting stranger and stranger...but its very entertaining. So keep up the good work.

Till next time...adios.
10/20/2006 c9 HeavyMetal84
Only 2 chapters left, No!, Oh well it was a great run.Lol.

Great to hear about the sequel. I look forward to reading it. No way the biker was Monique? Crazy twist to the story dude.Interesting background u gave Monique. Allthough i'm not too crazy about the pairing of Kim and the certain villainness i guess it is better than some other poeple she could have gone with.prom king and queen Who else but Ron and Lynn. song's for there prom? 1. Korn- A.D.I.D.A.S.

2. Lords of Acid- Power Is Mine

3. Rob Zombie- Feel So numb

4. The Pussycat Dolls- Don't Cha

Update when u can. Peace and Good Night.
10/16/2006 c9 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very good chapter. Monique was quite a surprise!

Keep the good writing.
10/16/2006 c9 Hiya
Oh... so it was Monique... I guess that would make sense wouldn't it? Anyway great stpory, keep it up.
10/16/2006 c8 Hiya
hee hee, the biker's Adrena isn't it?
10/16/2006 c7 Hiya
Ok so I was about halfway through this chapter when I realized who Kim should be paired up with. Wade! I mean he's a super genius and she's basically a superhero, it's so perfect!
10/16/2006 c9 RI100014
Okay this plot keeps getting weirder and weirder but hey what the hell...

Ron/Adrena Lyn


What next Monique/Monkey Fist?

(Actually with the way your going, the more common pairing is Monique/Senior Senior Junior)

Just a hint at the usual strange pairings that are popular...

On with the show...

Till next time...adios.
9/7/2006 c8 HeavyMetal84
Welcome back Mr. Average. No need to be sory dude. This chapter was well worth the wait. I was more than glad to read and review your other fic 'The Tutor' while this story was put on the back burner for a bit. I must say that the angle u took with Kim and Dementor in this chapter struck me kind of odd there for a minute, I guess becayse i have never seen it done before. I give u props for writing such a angle and for stoping it where u did with Ron and the mysteryious ryder busting in. I get the feeling that u are going to put Shego and Kim together somehow. Even though this reviewer is not a fan of kigo i can see how the Kim fans would be disapointed if she were to end up with nobody in the end. There is always the posabilaty of Ron though right? As to who i think the biker’s identity is, I think it could be Lynns sister or cousin. The girl u wrote in a few chapters back. To this reviewer she would be the best possible choice. But then again i am only peicing together certain clues and things i have read from the story so far. Good cliffy btw. Update when u can. Peace and Good Night.
9/1/2006 c8 acosta perez jose ramiro
Very good chapter. Nice fight scenes, and hilarious stuff with Drakken's plan. How someone who can invent so great stuff can also be that idiot?

Keep the good writing.
9/1/2006 c8 16Etherelemental
Well, I'm standing by my thought that it's Adrena Lynn. Though, I'm wondering when the muscle relaxant will wear off. After all, Kim still has to take care of those pictures that Drakken took of her and Dementor. By the way, I'm starting to wonder if you'll have Kim paired up with Shego. That was a really amusing bit when Ron dropped Kim on Shego, causing Kim to kiss Shego. Definitely not what he wanted to do, but still quite amusing nontheless. ^_^ Anyway, I hope you're able to update soon. It's really getting quite good. ^_^
9/1/2006 c2 RI100014
Oh no.

I so wanted it be a dailogue enriched Rongo...

(Drops window and leaves to read something more interesting..)

Just kidding. ;) Nice story keep it up.
7/25/2006 c7 HeavyMetal84
Good chapter,Good detail. I thought u captured Shegos anger well

I still go for the Lynn/Ron/Kim hook up.Why i guess causs i don't like the Mankey/Monkey thing and wheels allready has Monique(Why i have no idea,But i guess Ron can't have them all.But then again i guess he could dream then hugh.)Good Cliffy btw.Update when u can.Peace and Good Night.
7/22/2006 c7 81Aero Tendo
Cool chapter, I wonder what is going to happen when Kim and everyone wakes up.

The guards being friends with Dementor... so not surprised given the attitude he has in the show. :D

Wade being clueless about the pics, THAT was a surprise.

I hope you'll write more soon!
7/22/2006 c7 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Excellent chapter. Dementor really got himself in a nice problem this time; the most ironic would be if the photos were actually taken by someone else.

Keep the good writing.
7/21/2006 c7 16Etherelemental
Well, the problem with this is that it felt rushed. The pace for it all was just too fast. Although it was quite amusing, I think you should have slowed it down a little. Anyway, I'm wondering if that 'masked biker' will show up again. I'm looking forward to your next chapter. Please update it soon! ^_^
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