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7/7/2006 c6 HeavyMetal84
Good chapter,Good detail.Why stick Felix in the story and with Monique weird but ok.I can live with it.Since every one lately has been writing Kim as the bitchy up tight charecter as of late i say leve her bitter and alone but since u can use Felix like that and write Shego so well i say find a way to make it a Lynn/Ron/Kim fic if anything i'm sure Ron would agree it's a good idea.As for the X-Men movie it was ok to say the least.Me personaly i thought the cartoon movies were a lot better.But i guess that depends on who u ask.

Update when u can.Peace and Good Night.
6/30/2006 c2 11JapaneseJewel
Hahaha! I knew it from the second I started reading.

It's a good story! I like it so far.
6/30/2006 c6 16Etherelemental
Quite good. Although, I'd think that Dementor would still gossip about Shego and Drakken to other villains, and then try to claim that he must not have been the only one who saw them. But, that's just me thinking about what I'd find amusing. ^_^ Anyway, not much really happened, although it was still nice to have a more 'quiet' chapter than one filled with action. Now, with Kim and someone else. The only guys that Kim's around much that have names off of the show, are Josh and Brick. And according to Kim her break-up with Josh was mutual, so I don't think that that would work. And then Brick's more of a brainless wonder a lot of the times, so I don't think that would work very well. Although, having a character like a real Eric would be amusing. Especially with how Kim would probably think that Drakken was up to something again. But, I think that that would probably be something that would be good. After all, how else would Drakken come up with a guy that is so socially adept. Especially considering how inept Drakken was when he was younger. I mean, magaizines could only get him so far before he would encounter gaps and be unable to really do anything about. Anyway, I' eagerly awaiting to see what you're going to do next. ^_^

And about X-men 3. It ends with the good guy winning. -_^ And when you do see it, wait for after the credits for a short scene that will probably have some significance in the next movie.
6/29/2006 c5 81Aero Tendo
Hms, I wonder how Mandy knew to be there just in time in the previous chapter. (ponders)

Poor Kim all alone now, come on... be nice and give her someone! :)

Cool that Felix and Monique hooked up! Finally! :)
6/27/2006 c5 15AtomicFire
Great work with Mo and Felix coming together and Ron and Adrena heading back to school as a couple, only thing is it kinda leaves Kim out in the cold... hopefully you'll find someone for her though.

Thanks for the great read!
6/27/2006 c5 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very nice chapter. I'm almost sure that Shego's favorite spot will coincide with Ron or Felix's date.

Keep the good writing.
6/27/2006 c5 16Etherelemental
Well, there are high schools for those who dropped out and then later wanted to get their high school diploma. Just FYI. -_^ Anyway, the character I'm wondering about who you'll pair up with someone is Kim. Since Ron is out of the picture, who'll get her? Although, I am interested in seeing how this all plays out. Though, I'm wondering where Drakken and Shego will go. Wherever it is, I'm sure that someone that knows them will see them and automatically assume that they're going out. Which will be really quite entertaining. Although, I can't help but wonder if Shego would consider that Drakken's fault of embarresing her, or if she'll not take it out on Drakken. Anyway, I hope you update soon. It's really getting good. ^_^
6/27/2006 c5 21Deyinel
A very sweet chapter! I can't wait for the next one!
6/27/2006 c5 HeavyMetal84
Good chapter,Good detail.Glad the posting of the chapter worked this time around.Not to crazy on the idea of a Monique/Felix pairing but whatevers clever dude.I'm a fan of Monique i'm just happy Monique was worked into the story as well as a little bit of Shego.I mean what is a Kim Possible fic without Shego right.

Will there be any Shego,Lynn interaction?Maby a nother visit from the mysterious biker?All in all i enjoyed this chapter Matt.

Update when u can.Peace.
6/8/2006 c4 Deyinel
Cool chapter, I await the next one!
6/8/2006 c4 9Crazy 4 A Reason
6/6/2006 c4 16Etherelemental
Actually, I'm expecting the identity of the helmeted biker to be Ardena. Mostly becuase of how Ron didn't want Adrena to come and this way would have her eventually be able to go without Ron objecting, since she'd be able to use her unique abilities to get them out of bad sitch's like that. Anyway, I'm just wondering now where you're going to go with this. ^_^
6/6/2006 c4 19Bubbahotek
Ah good chapter, Can't wait to find out the identity of the motorcycle rider.

6/6/2006 c4 HeavyMetal84
Good chapter,Good detail.I like the way u introduced Mandy into the story.I thought u captured Drakkens stupidity real well.The witty banter between Kim and Shego was good and funny.Not that big a fan of Rufus though.Anybody up for a Rufus Flambe.Looking forward to see if Bonnie makes an apperance in this fic or her freind Tara.Good cliffy btw.Update when u can.Peace.
6/6/2006 c4 Cylon One
A little uncomfortable with the date of the update but here is my review. First thought was that the mysterious motorcycle rider is Adrena Lynn. Or is this going to be one of those things where the obvious turns out not to be what one thought it would be? I still find this a good story and I still enjoy the relationship between Ron and Adrena. Update when you can so more of this great fic can be read by its fans.
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