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for When a Man Loves a Villain

6/6/2006 c4 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Pretty good chapter! Excellent action scenes, and good dialogues.

I suppose the mystery girl is Adrena, playing Ron's guardian angel.

Keep the good writing.
6/1/2006 c3 9Crazy 4 A Reason
nice story, my first KP story ever read...it was really really good hope you add more soon

♥ Crazy 4 A Reason ♥
5/21/2006 c3 16Etherelemental
Yeah, but it's worse when you don't have a life and have writer's block. _ Anyway, I actually didn't expect a fic with Ron paired with anyone other than Kim, so I was really intrigued. Also, I actually did expect it to be Shego, 'cause I never really thought of Adrena Lynn as much of an arch-foe for Kim. Just more of a villian that appeared. That and I actally had kinda forgotten about her except for the times when I watch that episode. Anyway, this was really quite good. I'm glad I read it. ^_^ Though, I have to wonder, are you going to continue this more, or just leave it?
5/18/2006 c3 10lar lindor
Mr. A:

Different. I like the different take. Ron and Adrena Lynn? I can live with that. Can KP?

I think Monique is somewhat OOC. I love Monique-speak, and wish she could've been more a part of the show. (I know, its over). Monique can be more than just a foil to Kim. Well, that's enough rambling. Update soon: please and thank you.

5/17/2006 c3 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Adrena Lynn? Well, that was unexpected, and pretty good.

Wonderful job with these 2 last chapters. Good dialogues, and nice flashback scene.

Keep the good writing.
5/17/2006 c2 Cylon One
I myself like Ron/Shego pairings but I must say that this Ron/Adrena Lynn one is a nice change of pace. This is one pairing I'm sure I'm going like reading about.
5/17/2006 c3 81Aero Tendo
Good story! I especially liked the flashback scene.

The air hockey game was a fun part, and it made me wish I could go play the game right then! lol!
5/17/2006 c3 21Deyinel
Great story! This is the first Ron/Adrena story I've read, and I like it! Be nice if there was some conflict, though. Update soon!
5/17/2006 c3 67Robert Teague
I never guessed it was Adrena Lynn that Ron was with.

Glad to see it, though. I have a soft spot for her, and have always felt she was underused as a character.

It's natural Ron would be attracted to her; She's an A-type personality like Kim and Zita.

Should be interesting to follow them...
5/17/2006 c3 HeavyMetal84
Good chapter,Good detail.Interesting back story on how Ron and Lynn met.

Will Ron and Lynn ever get their alone time away from Kim and Monique?Have fun on your vacation.Thanx for the heads up on the update.I look forward to your next one on any of your storys.Just a reminder.Have u checked out any of moongirl83s Danny Phantom fics yet or any other of her storys?Other than that,update when u can.Peace.
5/16/2006 c2 19Bubbahotek
Good chapter, I was kind of pulling for Shego just for her one liners...lol

5/16/2006 c2 HeavyMetal84
Good chapter,Good detail.I thought u captured Kims jealousy real well.Don't get me wrong i am a Ron/Shego fan myself but come on Ron needed this chance to know how a different type of villainess could show him a good time.And who knows it just might spawn a whole new long line of story's.To all of those who thought it was DNAmy come on Ron has some standerds.After all he still is a teenaged guy who is probably still in the phase of looks are everything.One other thing DNAmy has the hots for Monkey Fist anybody who watches the show can tell u that.To Mr.Average thanx for the 2nd chapter and i would have said it was Lynn but u know i would have blown the suprise for everyone else in this chapter.Sorry for the little rant but i had to say what was said.I look forward to see how u write out Lynns charecter in future chapters and hopefully in future storys.Update when u can.Peace.
5/16/2006 c1 Bubbahotek
Agh The suspense is killing me...Who, Who is Ron's girlfriend?

5/16/2006 c2 624LycoX
whoa, this is definitely a new one!
5/16/2006 c2 81Aero Tendo
LOL! As a giant turtle in a movie once said to Atreyu... "CLEVER BOY!" lol!

Nice to see a pairing I have NOT seen before! :)
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