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6/9/2020 c17 Guest
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
This was such an amazing read
5/15/2020 c9 auburnleaf
This is a good story but I'm disturbed by so many typos you made. Why didn't anyone remind you in the review? Though why didn't you put a line or something that split your thoughts from the story. I'm confused a bit. Sorry.
4/18/2020 c17 NuriaSchnee
6/16/2017 c5 Madison
This is the first review I've left and may I just say BRAVI! This is a fantastic prose, and it is helping me with my (possibly unhealthy) V for Vendetta obsession I developed when I first watched the movie. My movie hangover comes back every time I watch it and I find myself searching frantically for something to fill the void. This definitely helps, so thank you. This particular chapter is iNCREDIBLY ADORABLE and I squealed and nearly threw my laptop in utter delight.
5/4/2017 c17 Guest
Great fic :) loved it
3/20/2017 c17 Guest
7/29/2016 c17 Guest
I know it's been like 5 years and as a fellow writer, I could understand if your not passionate about this story anymore but any chance of that passion coming back? I'm intrigued by this tale and would like to read more :)
7/9/2016 c17 ReaganLogan2121
This story made me so happy
6/1/2016 c15 Hall of Rune
That moment was so achingly tender and beautifully vulnerable that I felt it. How marvelous ~
5/31/2016 c12 Hall of Rune
I have to admit...normally, I'm not partial toward overly personified animals in reading, but, to some's a little more fitting, here. I enjoy their moments, but at the same time, I think I prefer less "inner thought" and more interpretation or inference on the human's behalf - as it is, naturally. Mostly, too, because it keeps better with the "believability" aspect of the story. I truly adore Shade, though.
5/31/2016 c5 Hall of Rune
I really enjoy the domestic elements of their interactions. While the drama and excitement of the primary plot points are undoubtably engaging, it's the moments in-between, the delicate beauty of the simpler days, that expands upon the intrigue and tender sincerity between V and Evey - an absolute pleasure to read, so far.
10/31/2015 c2 Eva Goblin
Beautiful story. Thank you!
7/10/2015 c17 clb298
Absolutely loved it
4/19/2015 c6 LustForVendetta
Oooo I love this fic so much!
4/19/2015 c1 LustForVendetta
Omg omg omg omg cuuuuute!
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