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8/22/2006 c1 5UchihaHakura64
hahahahahahahahahaha. and ha some more! i love this! I like the idea that Sasuke isn't best at everything, which is why i absolutely love the episode where he and Lee fight. Ahh, i just love seeing him get the CRAP beat out of him...it brings me so much joy...

Anyway, even though Hinata got less timid, she still seemed a little OCC. Just saying.
8/11/2006 c1 2Jiyuu Kayume
That's it? No you can't stop there! I wanted to see Sasuke humiliated and to see if he could/would do anything about his poor performance! ;)
7/22/2006 c1 2Redcloudangel
Wooh, so Sasuke was not perfect after all. Maybe we should get him a ‘boyfriend’ instead. How about Gaara? *smiles* Your story was hilarious though. I love Sasuke but I still enjoy reading it. Yes, do the guy version please.
7/8/2006 c1 1dead count
O_O my eyes oh my eyes.
6/30/2006 c1 azn.pixie
6/23/2006 c1 SOWER
This was good and you should devinently do a one shot for the guys.
6/6/2006 c1 196Seductive Venus
it's a good take on an original idea, honey. that's the spirit! always find something no one had ever thought of writing about... your characters aren't half-bad and the dialogue was hilarious. a point too for your imaginative speculation on the males' performances.

good for you...

but what bothered me was that it had no climax and resolution at all. were they only flat characters? if so, will there ever be any end to it? will sakura get what she wants? it's hanging, dear, and you must avoid that when writing. you must tie up all the loose ends and give the readers something to anticipate and tense about.

i'm all for girl talk and all but what the hell? that's it? that's the main content of the story? remember, the readers *read* to know something, the main point of the story. it disappoints to know that i read a fic that contain just THAT. pay more attention to details, think more about the plot and characters coz they give the story more meaning and color and texture. and be careful of punctuations too.
5/15/2006 c1 9GirlWaterShaman
wow...Sasuke's bad at sex? Lol!
5/10/2006 c1 1on-stolen-time
Haha! That was pretty funny. I knew Naruto was better! You need to do one with the guys talking about it.
5/9/2006 c1 4Kawaii-Aikurushii-Kitsune
Thank you to those who have read this ficlet. I want to clear up one thing though, this is NOT a bashing fic. I love Sasuke just like everyone else. I just decided to change things a bit. Don't worry, I'll do a good Sasuke fic soon. Just wanted to clear that up. No bashing here. I don't like it. Thanks again.
5/9/2006 c1 9mentally unstable X3
oh my.poor sakura.is this a one-shot?hope not.the story is very interesting.plus its a lil funny. :]
5/9/2006 c1 1windscargirl
I love the story I think you should defenitaly do the boys talking about it, but I think you should make this into a story! That would be totally awesom! Like how they all end up in the end you know, maybe marry or have kids! (JUST IDEAS!)
5/9/2006 c1 14The Loliconvict
Wow. I'm not sleeping tonight cause I know what I'll dream of.
5/9/2006 c1 Wulfenbach
5/9/2006 c1 28AccentFetish
he he lol!
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