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5/9/2006 c1 2DoubleDee068
so good update please!
5/9/2006 c1 5oddline
That was funny
5/9/2006 c1 12xxeffervescent
you really should make one with the guys. I'm not one for smex, but this was greatly written.
5/9/2006 c1 Breezybiatch
well, its bashing alright, i still love sasuke though, not that i dont all the other guys ;D

they can all share me, sasuke isnt all that mean though, u have seen him say pretty noce and deep things in the anime/manga

Sakura isnt so bad anymore like she was in the beginning of the story, i'd love it if she took after tsunade. I wonder were the hatred for characters come from? Or just general dislike, i dont think i have that for any of the, they're all changing for the better. Still, interesting POV
5/9/2006 c1 3Sedris Kaine
haha, poor sakura. plz do the story from the guy's perspecrive. i can just see the guys comparing who's the best boyfriend. hehehe.
5/9/2006 c1 firareth2
Lol a great fic, unusual but original. I love the sakura/sasuke bashing. I'd gladly read anything about that topic.
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