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9/8/2006 c5 7Robot Maddness Strikes
YAH! i'm NOT dead AND you posted! it's a miracle! But you know what this means. After all your buggin me now YOU have to post repidetly! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! sweet revenge! *simmers happily*

~Tubomba ^.^
9/1/2006 c5 7Marinus-pseudothyrum
briliant, please up date soon!

I look foward to seeing how Tugger and Bomba's relationship pans out!
8/20/2006 c5 1Maudey
"Ya some nonsense about some heavy side layer crap? How does that effect us, not like we’re going there anytime soon.” ~ Hm, something tells me they'll be on the otherside of Heaviside why they die...

Anyways, you're still going to have to explain how Demeter got all jumpy and stuff (you probably know this) and yeah. I like the voice you use in your writing and this story has an excellent plot. I always thought Bombalurina had a relationship with Macavity, just the way she sings the song it that strange type of pleasure. I'm glad you've decided to continue posting the chapters! Great story.
8/8/2006 c1 MacChang
Wow. This is a really well done story. Great job! And update!
7/31/2006 c4 7Robot Maddness Strikes
And. I must ask this, why in the Everlasting Cat's name did you name yourself after Bomba but never finished this story! Shame shame shame. shame shame shame shame. and even more shame! It is so good!

Tubomba ^.^
7/2/2006 c2 Bombi
Really cool story your'e my favorite author Bombalurinasara good job!:)
6/9/2006 c4 24Puddycat
I love ths fic, you're really good at telling stories and giving just the right amount of description, but your grammar still needs some work. You should get a beta to check over this and correct any mistakes, but apart from that, just keep doing what you're doing 'cause this is great. ^_^
6/1/2006 c3 13broadwaybuff
Man, that's cute...the way Bomba and Tugger first met. I dig that. Lol, anyway, since I'm out of my Hippie Zone, I think that this story is going to lead to somewhere VERY interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/25/2006 c3 24Puddycat
There were a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes, so you just need to proof-read a few more times before posting the next chapter. I'm loving this story, though, so keep it up. ^_^
5/16/2006 c2 poisonivy44
omg! I love this so far! update soon!
5/15/2006 c2 9Tyrunner
As Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond would say, "HOLY CRAP!" Please hurry with the next chapter!
5/15/2006 c2 13broadwaybuff

That was interesting...and different!

Aw, a little gramattical mistakes here and there...

I can't wait for the next chapter! UPDATE!
5/15/2006 c2 24Puddycat
Just a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but apart from that t'was very good. I'm definately looking forward to next chapter.
5/11/2006 c1 Puddycat
This looks really interesting, I'm definately looking forward to the rest of it. There were just a few minor grammatical mistakes, but overall it was really good. Update soon!
5/10/2006 c1 nodikus
Sounds like quite a change compaired to how you displayed her in 'The Eyes Of The Moonlight'. Lokking forward to reading more.
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