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8/16/2007 c4 1MarianaTeresia
update please I want to now more
8/27/2006 c4 8FeralElektra
Please update!
6/28/2006 c4 1qblisa
Sydney seems a little TOO excited - like a high school girl. Maybe you can make her calm down a bit... She is a 30y.o. spy.

Other than that, I LOVE it! I really do! Please update soon, I can't wait to read about their tryst in Sark's room.

Lisa :)
6/27/2006 c3 qblisa
I'm so happy Sark is in the story already :)

God Vaughn is a dimwit... lol I love it. Surely he can tell the difference between acting and real sentiment when it comes to the woman he 'loves'... Obviously not!

Please update soon,

Lisa :)
6/27/2006 c2 qblisa
How funny, I was just saying how boring Sydney and Vaughn are... And this chapter sums it up for me :)

I do think that Sydney is a little out of character... Myabe she has just gone insane from having to be 'nice Syd' around Vaughn. Hopefully, now that they have broken off, she will be normal again.

I love how you write Vaughn... So uptight and presumptuous - He will 'forgive' her... lol

Lovin' it!

Lisa :)
6/27/2006 c1 qblisa

I love how Sydney seems to be annoyed with Vaughn. My favourite line:

"As she started to think about ways she could wipe the expression off his face". lol...

This is going to be one great story. Don't get me worng, I like Vaughn, but not as much as Sark. Plus Sydney and Vaughn's relationship is boring!

Lisa :)
6/6/2006 c3 s
it's kinda hard to atke this seriuosly since all the characters are so out of character... but whatever i'll keep reading... update soon please

oh and there were a couple of annoying speeling error's :/ but other than that good job.
6/6/2006 c4 s
haha that plot is funny although syd/vaughn/sark are all pretty out of character... great chapter anyway update soon please
6/6/2006 c4 5xofalling2deep
Sark is a little...scratch that...a LOT OOC. It's okay, I guess, but the narrative makes it seem like it's moving too fast and it's a bit hard to understand. Otherwise, this isn't that bad. Update soon
6/6/2006 c4 2428dOOMDoom28
I can't say anything otherwise i'm a hypocrit LOL...who can't spell! Anyways...i hope life will be kind to you in the near future and i must say this chapter ROCKED! w00t w00t go the cheese comments! ^.^ I think every story should have random cheese liking comments...it makes it so enjoyable! ^.-

Anyways well done on another FANTASTIC chapter! Hope you're able to update soon
6/6/2006 c4 6irionelissa
It sounded like both Syd and Sark were drunk, but still it was funny. Can't wait to see what happens on the next chapter. Please don't make me wait as long as I did for this one. Update Soon!
6/6/2006 c4 megan
Wow you took a long time to update!but i liked it, cheese, HA! update soon please!
6/6/2006 c4 wildroeschen
Yes I like it. Sark asking Sydney on a date and are in the same hotel on the same floor. Funny. And this thing with the cheese. grin.
5/26/2006 c3 wildroeschen
Vaughn is really unsmart and naive boy (his name boyscout is telling a lot). Now Sark is introduced and it looks like Sydney is happy to rebel with help.

Hope to read your next part soon.
5/26/2006 c2 wildroeschen
Sydney in rebellion! Funny but the right thing. Of course I want to read the next chapter what I'll do now.
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