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10/7/2011 c18 6petpeeves12
I see the young couple leaveing the community one day
10/7/2011 c17 petpeeves12
Inu should have stayed and left with kags oh well
10/15/2010 c18 4Dragon.Lady.Day
this was an amazing chapter. i love the way you made kagome hesitate to tell inuyasha that she loves him
10/6/2010 c18 1Kattana
Great story. It's really a great plot. I just wish Kagome wasnt so concerned with how other people feel about her, but Inuyasha is slowly but surely breaking through to her.
1/6/2010 c18 Tsun Berrykinz
wow i have just read the story over a course of about 2-3 days and i just have to say that i feel really bad for kagome. i mean come on she is so strong i could never be so suffocated like she was if i was in her place i would have broken down already. another thing that has constantly come to my mind is how i am sort of a skater/emo person and i can't help but think how much i would love to just pop in around the first chapter and shake things up for those stupid, narcissistic, rich, uptight, ect, preps i mean jeez some of my best friends are preps and even they would be disgusted with the way these people are acting! i really love the story and i am soo glad that Inuyasha and his dad both love Kagome like they do i know for sure that Ryuu is going to be the father Kagome never had for most of her life. Please Update very soon, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ^_^ ~ Ja Ne

-Deity of Anime
1/5/2010 c18 KyriaHitomi
I'm glad you decided to come back to the story :)
6/2/2009 c18 2vampiress saya101
PLeae keep writing! It is really good!
6/1/2009 c18 9thegypsy
Good luck with the revisals. and for what it's worth...the chpaters are very well written and they flowed very easily. and you kept the momentum up and even the slower parts werent bad. cant wait.
5/22/2009 c18 lilme
... please update...soon
5/21/2009 c18 17IvoryNemRodd
Thanks for the memo
5/21/2009 c18 1d1karategirl
this story is awsome thank you so much for writing it keep up the good work :D
5/20/2009 c17 kaelyn
Awesome! please make more chapters! at least 3 more! You are a very good writer and i want to read more!
5/20/2009 c17 1Nenabae
hey, just wanted to say that i LOVE your story, it has such a good plot and always leaves you guessing. please dont make me wait as long as last time for the next chapter, your very big fan, nena
5/20/2009 c1 The Blind Kung-Fu Master
Umm I hope you don't take this as a flamer but as consructive criticism because I like the general idea of the story. But I gotta be honest, I kinda got annoyed after 6th time you repeated the word "society" in this kind of short chapter but I definitely got anoyed when you repeated it for the 11th or 12th time. Like ok I get what you're trying to say really. I do. If it wasn't for the attempts to make the story "sound deep" it would be just fine because it is good don't get me wrong. Just let it come natural and stuff, like I have no stories of my own so you might not care about my opinion. However, I just think that little thing is whats holding your story back from being really good. So I'm going to stay open to your story and keep reading it till the end. I really hope you take this critique well and don't try to send me a computer virus or something lol :)
5/20/2009 c17 17IvoryNemRodd
That is the #1 rule. never hit a child in the face. thats thier identity. This is one cliffy chapter
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