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6/25/2019 c1 9tmart.x13
A friend recommended me to read this story and I am so glad that I did. This was a very different and interesting take on the events of Advent Children. I really enjoyed the brotherly relationship that you were able to make with Cloud and the remnants, developing a sort of bond for them as well. This really made me feel for Kadaj truly, as none of it was really his choice and had been forced to be Sephiroth's vessel basically. And you ended up making it apparent that Cloud realized that as well, and the way that he reacted to that fact and to the brothers as well was very much in character for him. The details and descriptions that was used through this story as nice to see as well. This is the best Kadaj fic that I have read and I like the sympathy that was shown to the remnants too. Great job on this!
5/20/2019 c1 87Riku Kingdom Hearts
This was very interesting! This makes me think of the remnants in a different light. But I enjoyed the feelings in this and the ending.
12/28/2018 c1 Noradin
Thank you for this little gem.
7/9/2014 c1 68Shade the Hero
This was so sweet and...wait,...what's this wet stuff coming from my eyes? Dang it. my eyes are leaking. This must be really good for them to do that. It normally doesn't happen when I read. I loved this so much. And it could be the start of a great new story. Have you considered continuing this? I would definitely read it if you did. :)
2/5/2014 c1 11Mrs.Youko Kurama
I love this. The movie should have ended this way.
1/17/2014 c1 20Peaceful Dragon Rose
good story
12/6/2007 c1 StarCaptain
This is a beautiful story and I wish you'd write a sequel. It feels incomlete like this...or maybe that's my own curiosity. Don't leave me hanging like this! Does Kadaj survive? Do they learn to get along? The three were an excellent fighting team. To have them on Clouds' side would be great.
11/27/2007 c1 5Zephyrus Genesis
I love it, are you going to continue? I also believe that the trio deserved a second chance. Please update soon.
11/25/2007 c1 phantomshadowdragon
I love it! I hated the fact that they had to die. :( It made me cry. They had deserved a chance at life just as much as Cloud had. Kadaj had been right though, Cloud had done exactly what they had done. So way did Cloud get the special treatment? ...Ok, I'm done ranting. XD
9/3/2007 c1 43Von
This is PERFECT!

I had the exact same belief. None of the three were evil.. just driven - partly by the Jenova cells within them, straining to rejoin and partly by their own creation and upbringing - to join together, to be a family. Theire emotions were genuine.. they fought not to kill the planet, but to reunite with Mother and Brother... and the fact that they treated CLOUD as Big Brother was all the sweeter... How easy it could have been to simply write him off. Instead they gave him the title of elder and used it with respect..

And at the end when Kadaj was there in his arms.. I SO wanted Cloud to keep him. When he faded away I was all NO.

So I love this to BITS and I would be exultant to recieve an alert for some kind of follow-up. Hell, I'd be mega-excited to brainstorm something with you, or even just act as idea-bouncer/general begger upon demand! :D

It would be nice.. if - even if Kadaj remained special to Loz and Yazoo - they learnt to trust Cloud for himself, and not just on Kadaj's instructions. And I think a family - one that are capable yet also somewhat dependant - if only emotionally - would be good for Cloud.

After all, you CAN have a lone Wolf.. but wolves tend to prefer packs.. :D

(I already found it sweet that Cloud's 'pack' including Tifa and Denzel (and, you never know, maybe his other friends too) had little Wolf rings on them.) )

My sincere thanks for writing this. It put into words exactly what Ive been searching for.
5/18/2007 c1 Ybs
2/25/2007 c1 4CrippledAngel
i thought it was great. good job
2/24/2007 c1 10Freaky Person O.o
12/22/2006 c1 28MakoStorm
I think this one was great. I think you're right and that the three brothers do deserve a second chance. Oh and Cid's ship is call Shera after his wife. Great job keep it up.

11/20/2006 c1 5Sabith
Aww! that was a beautifuly writtin story. i loved this ending and i agree that scene should have been in the movie. please write more SHM fics plz

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