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1/20/2012 c23 1Diamondstar the Seeker
Hey, I like the song you made in this chapter, are you going to update more of your stories?
6/23/2007 c28 3babii.ang3ls
wow! that was good^^
6/21/2007 c24 scione
this dang story is like a drug you want to stop reading it but cant push the X lmao
6/21/2007 c19 scione
4/8/2007 c28 12Serenity Maxwell
wow. nice ending and i cannot believe thta is the end, wow! great fiction.
4/8/2007 c28 7Taeniaea
I Love The Story !
4/8/2007 c28 28Azurez
All ends that ends well, Huh?

So are you starting another new story, or are you thinking of one or are you going to wait until you finish one? Cause I have some ideas if your interested.

Anyway, Can't wait to see more of your work. Ja ne!
3/12/2007 c1 donewiththissite
Whoa...that's alot of crossovers! Awesome!

Though...I don't know more than half the characters...oh well!

It's really creative! Hehe...Beryl loving Naruto, but him not liking her...^^
3/11/2007 c27 12Serenity Maxwell
great as uaula, no need to be sorry. school can be a pain. :) i think kurenai/asuma at least.
3/11/2007 c27 7Taeniaea
I Love The Chapter:27 Plz Plz Update It Soon!
2/15/2007 c26 9FireyFlames
For some reason, even though I'm almost finished reading. This story really confuses me. The multiple charactars are killing me~. It's okay though. Am looking forward for more scenes with the other senshi.
2/5/2007 c26 SailorTardis498
wow i can't wait it all hinges on the final battle..dun dun dun...update soon!
1/29/2007 c12 scione
amy winry Kagome
1/29/2007 c11 scione
amy /naruto
1/29/2007 c10 scione


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