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for Better to Reign in Hell

5/28/2008 c1 Meggie Dodge
Nailed it again,as is your wont. I particularly enjoyed the language of tackle and shrouds, making a ship of Jack himself: perfect, for his extremity. And the "war and a benediction" of the kiss does as much as words can, to convey the intensity of emotion enmeshed in the action. Oh, and where did you come up with Jack's idea that the devil would "beg for fire and brimstone"? No valetudinarian whining for _our_ pirate!
7/10/2007 c2 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Very, very well done.

Though, I'm unclear why you left out the part where he frees himself from the manacle (perhaps just to spare himself the ignominity of dying in chains.)
8/10/2006 c2 2teacrumb
I love this interpretation!
8/6/2006 c1 readerperson
I must confess that I didn't read the story-out of computer time-but that the second I read the title I was intrigued. I used part of the monologue at the end of Paradise Lost as my audition for my theatre class, and I was interested to see that some of the old literature has been preserved.

Keep up the good writing.
7/24/2006 c2 15wickedshenanigans
Lovely. This scene was extremely provocative, and I love the way you captured Jack in your telling of it. I'm starting to think you must be a good writer or something! Congrats, and thanks.
7/21/2006 c1 Kaz
very well written and i felt very in character. I love ready Jack's POV when somone writes it as well as you do!

Kaz x
7/16/2006 c1 marlamulder
Great job on this story! The last couple of lines are especially fantastic-great way to end it! I've read a couple of your stories now and you do a good job of keeping the characters true to themselves-something I've seen not done well in many other stories I've read. Keep up the good work!
7/15/2006 c2 40ICRepresentative
Even better the second time around! Beautifully written and masterfully done!
7/14/2006 c2 29just jacs
amazing I simply loved this. You really are an amazing writer.
7/13/2006 c1 4Willowred
Another excellent story. Its almost as if your there with them. Loved it!
7/12/2006 c2 36meowbooks
Even better than the first.

"Betrayed by a kiss. Now that was an ending worthy of the legend."

Bravo.I've just realized this line: gave them the lie

It reminds me of a poem Sir Walter Ralegh wrote,The Lie:

"Go, since I needs must die,

And give the world the lie."
7/12/2006 c2 27CaptainTish
Very nice. You portrayed Jack's character very well. A lot of people have been saying he was acting cowardly and selfish in this movie, and maybe was, but it was entirely in character, and at the end he came back, because deep down, whether he likes it or not, he's a "good man!"

I just wish Elizabeth hadn't shackled him to his ship. Let him make the choice on his own. I actually liked Elizabeth better in this movie than in the first one, but I HATE what she did to Jack at the end. Although, Jack doesn't hate her for it, so I guess I shouldn't be too mad. :)

Wow, you've seen the movie twice already? I've just seen it the once. But I plan on seeing it again soon, and in a few weeks I have reservations to see it at the El Capitan. I really need to go see it again, because it's inspired me to start writing again, but I need to have the movie all straight in my head, therefore I've only written one little vignette so far.

Anyway, glad to see you're posting a lot. The fandom has really picked up since the second movie premeired. Lot's of good reading! TA!
7/12/2006 c1 vintena
Once again you have done an outstanding job of filling in the gaps left by the movie! No picture can paint the thoughts and feelings that go through a characters mind and yet you somehow manage to see them and write them down, beautifully.
6/16/2006 c1 5PandorasCurse17
Bitter sweet. I was looking for a good writer of POTC stories. It's my favorite movie, I still watch it about once every three weeks. I remember going on hunts for the soundtrack before the movie was even out...took a long time to find one! Written well! Now I want to find the movie book! Jack cant die though...what about Pirates of the Caribbean 3 where Chow Young Fat steals away Elizabeth?
6/8/2006 c1 13Amberlin
My sister and I desperately want to know if him and Elizabeth really do kiss at the end of the movie!

Please reply if you know, you'd make both of our days :)
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