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9/18/2014 c9 Beth
5/18/2007 c9 1dragonwarlord
I like this story but it needs closure at the very least PLEASE?

thanks for taking the time to write a supurb story!
10/4/2006 c9 27enchantedsleeper
Oh... is that it? Or are you going to do Spider-man 2 as well? ^^ *hopeful* I really enjoy reading things from MJ's POV. Although there are some gaps concerning things that just happened to Peter... I wonder what MJ was doing at those times?
5/23/2006 c1 8Stardate4.
I like your story, it's very conversational, and it seems to come right from M.J.'s heart. You're doing really great for your first fanfic. I did have a couple comments, though. You always cut off the scenes as soon as Peter leaves, and I think it would be cool if you could add in extra scenes with just M.J. to fill out the story more, and sort of fill out the story. Also, I don't think I entirely agree with your portrayal of Peter. He looks kind of sweet but wimpy, and M.J. seems a little patronizing to him. I don't know if you were going for that, but I never really got that impression of Peter Parker even before he was Spider-Man. Anyway, I like your story, and I'm not flaming you by any means, but I'm just sharing my thoughts.
5/21/2006 c9 IcyWaters
“I realized that falling here would be far more painful than falling from where the Goblin dropped me. There, it would have been into freezing water, death on impact. Here, I would probably hit the gondola, roll off the edge and then into freezing cold water.”

I don’t even know how to begin telling you how much I loved this chapter. First, I admire how MJ instinctively thought Spider-Man would save the kids and let her fall. When he caught her, she couldn’t understand how he could let so many die in her place. IMHO, that is how Mary Jane would have really felt. I’m so happy you didn’t portray her as selfish and heartless.

Second, I like her morbid thoughts (quoted above). I don’t know if she would even have had the time to contemplate the different ways she could hit the water, but it made the scenario much more realistic and relatable.

“He truly had made the hero’s choice." - How can you leave us like this? I can’t wait to read you take on the graveyard scene and MJ’s reaction to learning Spider-Man is still alive. She seems convinced he will die at the hands of the Goblin. Please post more soon! And I do hope this goes through the second movie as well. (hint, hint) ;-)
5/21/2006 c8 IcyWaters
The conversation Peter and MJ have in the hospital is probably the corniest moment of the movie, but I still enjoy it each time I see it. Somehow, it just works.

I like how you make it the moment she first realizes how Peter really feels about her. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve seen the movie, and I found myself cursing out loud when Harry entered. That’s good writing! For the first time, I wonder what would have happened if he had just gotten stuck in traffic! ;-)
5/21/2006 c7 IcyWaters
“Thanksgiving was always a great time of year when Aunt May was involved. She had been inviting my family over for dinner every year since we moved next door to her.”

That certainly sounds like May and Ben Parker. It makes me wonder if the Watsons ever took them up on the offer.

It was brilliant how only MJ seemed to pickup on Norman’s odd behavior, the look in his eyes when May slapped his hand and his handling of the knife. I also loved how Norman’s voice seemed vaguely familiar to her when he and Harry were arguing in the hallway. Even Peter didn’t pickup on that!

“Mary-Jane Parker. Doesn’t sound too bad.” - Doesn’t sound bad at all. :-)
5/21/2006 c6 IcyWaters
The famous kiss! It’s one of my favorite cinematic moments. If only I could have been in MJ’s shoes... sigh...
5/21/2006 c5 IcyWaters
“After all, what had I been expecting, an impossibly deep voice with a British accent?”

LOL! This chapter was fun. I especially enjoyed MJ’s initial thoughts on heroes and the idea that Spider-Man might be a publicity stunt. I'm surprised you didn't work a pesticide joke in there! :-) I’m up way too late, but I can’t stop reading this. I’m off to chapter six.
5/21/2006 c4 IcyWaters
I find it quite amusing that MJ’s new role model is Ben. As ironic as it is, it’s also incredibly sweet. The story is moving incredibly fast... It shouldn’t be too long until we get to MJ’s many rescues!

I know you stated in the prologue that this is your version of a novelization, so you are sticking close to the script, but I would love it if you would add some additional scenes. It would be great to see MJ’s first date with Harry worked in some how. ;-)
5/20/2006 c3 IcyWaters
“This is my mask, the one I wear for my own protection, so people can’t see the hurt and vulnerability inside. If they knew…well, then they would have the power to hurt me.”

Those lines are very powerful and superbly written. I have never seen anyone sum up MJ’s ‘act’ better. I enjoyed reading MJ’s take on what happened in school that day. I couldn’t help but smile when she lost count as to how many times Peter flipped around in the air! :-)
5/20/2006 c2 IcyWaters
A very interesting beginning. MJ’s insights are delightful (loved the ‘I’m never going to step on a spider again’ and her thoughts on Harry). It’s also nice to see you delving into MJ’s psyche and explore the effect her father’s verbal abuse has on her.

I’m off to read more! :-)
5/20/2006 c1 IcyWaters
A terrific introduction. I can’t wait to see where you go with this!
5/18/2006 c9 t65flyer
Awesome! Please continue! I hope to see some SM2 as well :)
5/17/2006 c9 3betty brant
I am surprised that this story doesn't have more reviews, because it certainly deserves them! You do a wonderful job with Mary Jane's perspective here (a perspective I always enjoy seeing!), perfectly blending the sophistication and maturity of her older self looking back with her young, essentially good-hearted, immature self. That takes some skill. It really does seem to me like it could be her voice, not just from the movies but from the comics as well.

In addition, I really liked the neat insights you brought to both characters as well - e. g. how MJ feels reassured by the fact that, under his mask, Spider-Man seems like an ordinary guy, a real person. I enjoyed the alley scene too, because you made it so naturally, so effortlessly romantic. I do hope you're going to do both movies? I'll be eagerly, avidly following your updates!
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