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3/3/2008 c5 Lucrecia Almasy
I loved it!
6/9/2007 c5 2Cozmos
nice..! but the story hasn't end, right..?
6/4/2007 c5 Miss Nightwalker
Yeah, another great chapter for a great story. Thank you!

~Miss Nightwalker
12/27/2006 c4 Ajel
Really good story. I'll be waiting for a new chapter.
11/11/2006 c4 Miss Nightwalker
I don't know where to start.

I loved it. Hope this is not the end...? :)

Well, uh...

I could really imagine Mireille getting angry about that guy at the airport, really good idea ;)

Okay, see you,

Miss Nightwalker
10/20/2006 c3 kienda
You need to update! I need to know what happen's please?
9/28/2006 c3 Miss Nightwalker
I'm curious what might happen next. You must have a really good idea for this to continue! It looks like it will be not as easy as it seems to be. I always enjoy reading your stories so much!

See you,

Miss Nightwalker
9/3/2006 c3 Haru-chan
Willkommen zurück! Ich dachte schon das du nicht mehr weitermachst. Der gedanke war total frustrierend! Gutes Kapitel!

Bin schon gespannt wie deine anderen Storys weitergehen! Freu mich schon aufs nächst Update von dir! Bis denne!
8/29/2006 c2 9pokemongirl2523
I like it. Keep it up, okay? Pleases? New chapter soon? Pleases?
8/29/2006 c3 pokemongirl2523
I reviewed. Yay.
8/28/2006 c3 Namura
Mireille 29! glad your on the road again, i haven´t see you in a while, good chapi, mireille in action again, injured , and kirika traped, and, i don´t know what will happen with her, but i also know that you write pretty well, so waiting another chapi...


7/1/2006 c2 Haru-chan


Ich brauch unbedingt neues Lesefutter von dir!
5/31/2006 c2 kienda
I like this chapter the most so far because of the cute Romance. I love it. I can't wait till you update
5/31/2006 c1 kienda
I love it I love all your stories but this one is good.
5/22/2006 c2 crazyhorse
Pretty interesting so far. I hope to see another update soon.
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