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5/27/2020 c11 phillynz
Suicine so funny feing being asleep lol
2/4/2020 c22 Althea Ricks Sorilla
Next update please.
11/27/2019 c16 phillynz
Naww they are to cute
11/27/2019 c13 phillynz
She loved you inuyasha
11/26/2019 c8 phillynz
No chibi usa i liked this version
11/26/2019 c7 Guest
Kagomi us a selfish bitch
9/30/2019 c22 Guest
please updateeee
5/4/2019 c21 Guest
You should definitely update this story!
5/14/2018 c22 12Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
Reread EVERYTHING...hope to see it updated soon...
9/29/2017 c22 3Jacee Sol
i made it to chapter 22 and now i don't know what to do. lol. Your story is so good! i love it. i hope that we see more between serenity and sesshoumaru. . its been quite some time since I've found a story that I've come to really enjoy.
9/24/2017 c22 svhs055
i'm in love with your story and it is such a well written story. i'm looking forward to more of it.
9/13/2017 c10 Jacee Sol
im loving your story thus far. i read it while I'm in bed and need peace from the pain i am going through. Your story is certainly getting me through my down moments. i can't wait to finish it.
7/5/2017 c22 SD3322
Well you do keep me wanting to read more, it's a fascinating story. I look forward to reading the rest of it.
12/3/2016 c22 bnooka
1/3/2016 c22 3Bananarock509
HI ummmm... I love this story, if it isn't too much trouble I would love to know what happens next.
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