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10/1 c39 coleencasanova23
okay the last bit shocked me a lot XD i never expected the throuple
8/19/2022 c2 Yelling Cupcake
'The adoption may have made Sasuke his son but Harry had decided to keep their relationship as that of brothers. After all having a kid only thirteen years younger than him just felt weird.'

This is so hilarious to me, especially because I
have a niece who is 14 years younger than me and it might not be quite the same thing but still *shruggy*
6/30/2022 c33 NaraR13
Hi there! I have just read your AN at the beginning and I am really sorry! I usually am not one to comment, but I wantrd to tell you, that I like your story and that I agree with everything you wrote. Haters gonna hate, but they could just go elsewhere and pay attention for the warnings if they don't like slash. Seriously, they are just stupid, ignorant cowards and don't mind what they write.
Best regards
6/28/2021 c11 bloodynoir
He found kakashi
5/4/2021 c39 58Rebe Marauder
Me gustan estos crossovers aunque no haya visto ni leído Naruto.
5/4/2021 c8 Rebe Marauder
Ellos no tenían un perro?
12/17/2020 c39 Came Peverell
Me encanto tu fanfic uno de los mejores crossover entre esos dos universos, al menos según mi opinión y basándome en lo que e leído.
12/15/2020 c15 7CrystalAris
Just for this chapter (and all the previous ones INDIVIDUALLY) made reading this sooooooo fucking worth it! I have a new fav, and I’m not a fan of Naruto, though if I can guess what Harry will do... Sasuke will still have a rival aka Naruto for Harry’s affections, mabye kakashi too, but I think Sasuke likes him
12/15/2020 c10 CrystalAris
This is soooo frick’n amazing!
9/20/2020 c39 Kassandra eguia
That was a great story
8/2/2020 c39 Nad19
I had fun! thanks a lot! I am not quite Naruto fans so thank God for the short but quite interesting fanfic.
8/2/2020 c39 Nad19
will they ever become jonin? haha they always with harry
8/2/2020 c34 Nad19
hm now that you mention it, why Harry didn't use avada when facing the snake face?
8/2/2020 c23 Nad19
huh, just conjure one? the hitai-ate?
8/2/2020 c21 Nad19
and Kashi feel too weak as well. a ninja his caliber could kept standing even after poisoned with just one thrust of blade, I think.
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