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for Since When Are There Two Potters?

10/1/2017 c38 DarkRavie
I really like this story and look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
9/22/2017 c37 awefanfic
Is that death? Please update soon! Love this story!
9/10/2017 c37 Elfin69
Looks like they are going to be able to have a good life without the stone controlling them. I think it is Death that greeted Harry and what will he tell him?
9/10/2017 c9 Elfin69
So who were the Genin team and how soon before they get to Konoha.
9/10/2017 c8 Elfin69
So where will they arrive at and how close to Konoha?
9/10/2017 c7 Elfin69
How long before they find the link between the worlds and how will they get there?
9/10/2017 c6 Elfin69
I am surprised that they did not somehow take the memories of his capture and lock them somehow so that he did not remember them when he woke. At least he is getting better. Did they ever find out how the DE's found him?
9/10/2017 c5 Elfin69
So how much will Sasuke have forgotten?
9/10/2017 c4 Elfin69
Hopefully they will not have to fight much longer and then will be able to find out where Sasuke came from and why he was sent to Harry.
9/9/2017 c37 shunshu
hola! muy buena me encanto y estuvo muy interesante espero que lo actualicen pronto besos
9/6/2017 c24 Guest
Again he takes on people like that despite the other chapters.. Look, why not make him the Superman of the magicals with Voldemort as Zod? Well not literally but you get the point, they could be the two that were a few thousand feet above the rest as it were.

It would explain why he has survived these battles and even made a difference in them.
9/6/2017 c21 Guest
Harry admits multiple times that people using chakra would lolstomp him, yet a S rank using chakra doesn't? Uh-huh... Well either Orochimaru of all people used no chakra while still holding off/beating three chakra users followed by breaking even with Harry or Harry broke even with him while said S rank was using chakra.

Either way it makes no sense at all.

The story is decent with the plot but you really need to work on consistency with some things.
9/6/2017 c20 Guest
Sarutobi has a big hard on for dealing with Orochimaru himself, I feel he would have got Kakashi and Gai to go along with him instead of Anko. She is way out of her league in that battle really and because of the curse mark a liability.

Besides that not too shabby.
9/6/2017 c19 Guest
(Ino could transfer over to Asuma's team easily enough; she knows both boys and it would please their parents.")

And what of the third teammate on that team? And if they don't have one why didn't they keep the ino-shika-cho together and have Kakashi deal with just the two? Sorry, know it's been a quite a few chapters but these things tend to stick out still and a quick edit of a chapter shouldn't be impossible to improve things.

Harry also trusted them far to quickly. Perhaps if you had him pause and ask for a minute or two followed by him meditating to commune with "nature" for guide it wouldn't have been so bad. In fact it would have made sense and showed common sense, you don't trust people with something so large by gut instinct alone.

He is a war veteran and father/older brother. He should know better.
9/6/2017 c5 Guest
Holy crap you skip things insanely quickly. There is no actual world building, no taking the time to set things up or create connections, nothing to really show what they did during all the time skips.

I feel it would be better slightly slower, 2-4k more words per chapter. It would have taken more time but the results in the story itself would have showed the improvements.
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