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9/6/2017 c1 Guest
I suppose the largest problem is this.

("It's obvious you've already earned his trust Harry so I don't suggest removing him from you until we find his family. I don't like the fact that you found him where you did but it is possible he wandered there himself and simply fell asleep." )

Yeah... Ignore the police both magical and non, ignore social services and ignore how she just said a 15 year old that has had multiple murder attempts is to stay with a toddler that doesn't speak the same language.

It is such a massive hand wave for why they stay together I feel you should have done something else. A bond because of magic that forces it for no reason, change the world slightly so Harry is being actively hunted so can't take the risk though that would still leave Emma going to the police, as she should.

There are so many things wrong with that for anyone paying attention or any adult that it wrecks this chapter. Glancing at some reviews I remember why this is such a echo chamber at times - because teens and child use this far more and it's review feature than adults with real life experience. I am hoping that outright ignoring that will be enough as things won't show such a lack of foresight again.

Good luck with the story.
9/7/2017 c37 BunnyBear27
Thanks for updating. Awesome chapter! And that was a nice cliff hanger too with everyone back in the village and Harry getting better but not awake and then death comes out and says hello master. Loved it!
9/7/2017 c37 8joeriezeilany
oh god .. the next chapter please ? thank you thank you !
9/6/2017 c37 7Kaito Echizen

Kaito is hungry wants to eat
9/6/2017 c37 11Fk306
this is great I look forward to the next update
9/4/2017 c37 Guest
Thanks for writing :)
9/4/2017 c37 yngoldfogee
Eagerly anticipating your next update.
9/4/2017 c37 Guest
thanks for this chapter. it deliver the right amount of consolation with Kakashi's awaking and Harry's return. keep up the good work and the updates
9/3/2017 c37 Guest
Great chapter I really like this story
9/5/2017 c37 APridefulSin
oh my gosh, I think that was Death!
Amazing thank you for the update once again
9/5/2017 c37 4Baby Fawn
wow this is looking good so far. wonder hat else you have up your sleeve for this story.
9/5/2017 c1 WinterSoulZ
I totally read the 37 ch in one day,why the cliff...
9/5/2017 c37 1LoVeInVaInTrYsTiLl
The cliffs oh the cliffs
9/3/2017 c1 Guest
Gay garbage
9/5/2017 c37 18Horselvr4evr123
I finally catch up and this is my cliffhanger. Noooooo! I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter from the edge of my seat!
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