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for Since When Are There Two Potters?

9/4/2017 c37 Piedmon38
loved the update more please
9/4/2017 c37 Wishfull-star
that was a great chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next:)
9/2/2017 c36 Guest
Good story I hope you update it.
9/4/2017 c37 Siel 03
Wow, I love this story, I hope you continue it soon.
9/4/2017 c37 Pyrane
Thanks for the uptade !
And now comes Death ;D

Can't wait for more !

9/3/2017 c37 1mizukikage
9/3/2017 c37 SagenWarrior
Fantastic new chapter. Can't wait to see more
9/3/2017 c37 1Riddle-Snape
ouch, now i wonder what will they do when they find out that wizards did that... hm... and maaan, looks like leaf and sand are only one there... what about kages? all dead? ... and end... oh my salazar! ... really i hope they will be all okay... ;) thanks for info, hope you are wll and will update when you will have time
9/3/2017 c37 10Lina03
Very interesting! Can't wait for more! Thanks for sharing )
9/3/2017 c37 3Foxy-Floof
Oh crap, Harry. You really messed yourself up good, huh?
9/3/2017 c37 R. A Cross
Thanks for the chapter
9/3/2017 c37 3Mumia0813
Y stop there? Keep going!
9/3/2017 c37 KyuubiChild717
Death the entity makes an appearance. Does Kakashi remember Harry, Sasuke, his relationship with Harry, Itachi being on their side, pretty much everything since Harry saved him in Kumo?
9/3/2017 c37 bloodshound
yep, that sounds about right. out of crisis into the odd. XD. Damn Potter Luck.
9/3/2017 c37 SilverStarWaters
Lol sorry but I just got a mental image of death dropping Harry's soul back in his body like Hercules did to Megs in the Disney movie. Would freak out the poor ninja...
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