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for Since When Are There Two Potters?

9/18/2018 c4 bluedog44
Sasuke being a Parselmouth and Harry having the Sharingan is a definite YES!
9/7/2018 c38 Sliver Crystal of Tokyo-Moon
Loove this! Please update new chapters
9/7/2018 c33 JeyBuggy
Don't let those that have hate in their hearts deter you from having such an open and loving one. Love your stories!
8/27/2018 c38 Guest
I think it would be funny if Harry was 'forced' to having to do 'Cleansing' Rituals every few hundred miles to free the land of the residual taint that could infect the land... In the process he ends up helping both Life and Death. Maybe freeing Orbito, cleansing/returning the Bujii to their senses, and banishing Zetsu and the tree? Maybe the stone only got worse BC of interference for Zetsu, Blood Sacrifices (Shinobi/Bandits Killing other people or just dying of old age), certain Chakra mutations?
8/27/2018 c18 Guest
They should have robbed Gatos base blind and returned (half) they money before they left.
8/23/2018 c38 Fallow55
xxx Kudos xxx : )
6/24/2018 c38 shunshu
hola! muy buena me encanto la historia espero que lo actualicen pronto besos
6/2/2018 c17 2notsofrilly
BAMF Harry!
6/2/2018 c14 notsofrilly
So the massacre happened. Yeah didn't think that Sasuke's presence would have changed it one way or another. It will be interesting to see what Itachi will do once he hears of The Last Loyal Uchiha.

Now why is Harry heading into the Bloody Mist? Is he going to meet Haku and Zabuza? I doubt he will join the resistance. Maybe stop Gato? I feel like your Harry while still having a saving-people thing would put his brother's safety over that. I don't think he will pick a fight.
6/2/2018 c11 notsofrilly
Yes now Kakashi is in the picture.
6/2/2018 c5 notsofrilly
The angst is getting to me
6/1/2018 c38 25lisa.demonic.angel
I started reading this when it first came up, loved it but then life dragged me away. Coming back to it felt like a brand new story, thanks for the awesome work! Can't wait to see more!
5/13/2018 c38 fayriegirl
pls continue this
4/27/2018 c1 4Mashrose
Ahhhhhhhhh! This is the best!
3/21/2018 c38 Bosma19
Please update
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