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8/29/2015 c1 18ilovecartoonsgirl
This is great as it is. There aren't that many nakamaships (especially between Zoro and Sanji) so this is a wonderful change of pace (and I can totally imagine Zoro and Sanji doing this too:)). Great job!
8/5/2015 c1 17CharmGirlLove
XD I like it a Sanji Zoro without it being romantic those are so rare and hard to find. Wonder if Sanji has a head wound or something.
7/23/2014 c1 2Lost Maiden
This is great, it matches their personalities quite well! Great Job!
8/9/2012 c1 Guest
Good story :D I enjoyed reading it... although I am 6 years late in reading it :P But thank you!
3/31/2012 c1 lola
j'aime belle fic
8/18/2011 c1 distanceincrowdedrooms
it doesn't seem finished. abandoned? If u ever pick it up again, and i hope u do, please keep it nakamaship. im not a big fan of shonen-ai.
1/31/2011 c1 10cy-grl
Oh, this was so lovely! I enjoyed it a lot:)
9/21/2010 c1 3Wonderous-Dreams1997
so cute 3 i loved it
7/10/2010 c1 6Shadow.X.Spirit
I personally think you should add something to this but keep it JUST FRIENDS. As much as they look cute paired together, I'm not much of a fan of ZoSan...or any kind of those pairings...But it was very good! :)
4/19/2010 c1 6LunaticV
ah, i wanna a yaoi, not just friendship. i had really thought that Sanji would kiss zoro awake there XP and that Zoro got warmer because of.. *coughs* the blood all flow to a certain place XP

will you update this?
1/30/2009 c1 5jeensay
wow, I love this!

(I'd write more, but I'm too hungry to write now (just came back from school -.-)... Besides, all is said - it's great. Period. ^^)
11/7/2008 c1 HiMokusei
hey great story, but i wished it would go on.

well, anyways; good story!
8/26/2008 c1 142Tatsumaki-sama
I've always liked when two Strawhats get stuck together (Sanji and Zoro, being two contrasting characters, somehow really mash together quite nicely. They're such great nakama!) and they have to rely on each other to get out of their little dilemma. I really do hope you write up another piece for this. I want to see what happens to them, especially with Zoro looking like he's coming down with a cold.
1/20/2008 c1 Autumnights
Oh I love this story so MUCH! i'v read this story so many times I cant believe i havent reviewed before this. i hate how you can only comment once for every chapter. if that werent the case you'd have a whole lot of rreviews from me!

So its been about a year and a half since this was posted, but if you ever do want o continue i must state my opinions. PLEASE keep it just nakama! This is one of my favorite nakama fics and i would hate for it to turn the other way (thought i understand the appeal). But yes, please continue if you can think of something that could follow well with this. It probably would be good if Zoro was sick or something and all was left to Sanji. That would be great. Its kinda funny bc alot of other OP fics always seem to have Sanji get sick/hurt/poisened/seduced by a muderous woman/or otherwise, but Zoro never does. I guess Zoro is just the knight in shining armor.

So if you do make a second chapter then switch it up please!
5/28/2007 c1 22TheDoublemintTwins11
omg please keep it frendily i really like this story but despise zosan pairings...
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