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for Hell Hath No Fury

7/8/2007 c6 ICE 0ne
kinda confusing chapter. i kept going back to try and figure out what happened when. overall though, quite interesting. i don't think fights in general last too long, so i doubt harry would be thinking about "another hour or so", imo. can't wait to see some of that fury mentioned in the title though=]
7/8/2007 c6 4darkroses2992
O WOW! i like the poem at the end...poor harry didnt even get to say how he feels..LOVE THE CHAP!:D
7/8/2007 c6 ikeepsake
omgod! yay you updated! and it was a nice long one too! well i must say it was worth the wait, especially the flashback to their one nighter. it was good for a first time. short and to the point, no quivering whats-its or whatever those smutty ones write.

hopefully they'll be able to tell each other how they really feel. gasp! are the DE's working for a new Dark Lord? not good. you know... i didn't think DE's could be so clever. nice poem at the end. anyway, keep up the good work!

7/5/2007 c5 PeaceBeyond
7/4/2007 c5 Cybill
So basicly you have no idea whatsoever where are you taking this story? hm. Perhaps you could keep the awesome interaction between them, add a pinch of jealousy, a handfull of drama, like I dunno, near death of one of them or something and mix it up with happily never after, but extremely hot and love-hate relationship? Because as far as Pansy and Harry are concerned all good endings are just out of place! Loved 3rd chapter, by the way
7/3/2007 c5 4HerEmeraldEyes
OMG would you just update already! Enough with the authors notes! The story is really great but we need a new chapter!
7/1/2007 c4 Zenumasu
you suck :(
3/30/2007 c4 PeaceBeyond
please update sooN! (well, whenever you can) i luv it! :D
3/12/2007 c4 ScottishSweetie01
I am not a huge fan of Harry/Pansy but I love this ^^ You write beautifully ^^ And I can't wait to read your Draco/Pansy ^^

Keep up the great work ^^

3/10/2007 c4 pinehead
Oh yay! Can't wait for your next updates and new stories, esp. the Draco/Pansy one.
3/5/2007 c3 1businessofabove

11/19/2006 c3 9Moonstar-75
Lovely story! Just lovely! I can't wait to see where yo're gonna take this. And the added part of Melinda is just too adorable!

Update soon!
11/7/2006 c3 lora
yay pls update soon
10/10/2006 c3 7Farie Insignias
I'm really enjoying this so far. I especially liked that little soap opera bit. lol. Very fun. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Update soon!
10/10/2006 c1 187Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands
Great fic!
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