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4/29/2015 c19 Guest
I haven't had such a cry in a while
3/18/2013 c19 Anonymous
Why do i think everyone will DIE?
3/18/2013 c13 Anonymous
Every past cheater has to die eventually.. but couldn't you save it for the epilogue?
7/19/2012 c19 CloverDover78
Wow...What a way to end a series...I'm speechless... It went from murder mystery to final destination(which I loved by the way)...The ending... jeez it shocked me the most. A lot of it left me thinking with a bunch of questions,however,that only made it more suspenseful...just...wow...I believe this is one of the best final destination mario fiction series I have ever read.

I cared about Wendy's death _
And in truth I didn't think Ludwig would have lasted that long.
3/12/2011 c2 I moved accounts
Wow, the first chapter and I'm already hooked! :D Nice job!
4/15/2009 c19 U Don't Know Me
I wish you'd finish this, because that can't be the end. And I think Yoshi was the closest because he died in Water, or something like that.
2/20/2009 c19 6Luvmusic
wow...thats all i can say, i read the series u wrote and amazing. kinda a sad ending though,i luv ur stories! i read this series and the mole stories keep it up
12/25/2008 c19 dartz841
What the deuce? Is that it? We need an ending
12/25/2008 c9 dartz841
Sometimes the death no death sequence gets a bit tiresome, but the wait was worth it for Wendy's end
12/25/2008 c7 dartz841
Thomas had to go, he wasn't that well rounded a character
12/25/2008 c5 dartz841
Poochie's fate = ouch
12/25/2008 c3 dartz841
The second chaoter was random ish, but this enw one was a nice change to ashley & ashlyns death
12/25/2008 c1 dartz841
The Wendy bit at the beggining was a nice kind of bluff, it made me think that you actually named the characters after their film counterparts
12/2/2007 c19 6brandonglee123
Now that I read all 4 stories, I'm convinced that you are the best suspense author EVER! I have a few questions, though. If you have to have another person intervene your own death, how did Peach intervene her own death by herself when she dodged the fan that would have killed her or the blimp crashing down? And why did Dry Bones stick the crystal into himself? What would have happened if Goombella didn't jump off the building? How did Dry Bones know to throw the wood at Lahla?
8/20/2007 c19 demasque358
Strange...it was stated that this story's completed, but I don't see the thing where it says completed.
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