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for A Hidden Truth

8/29/2008 c3 maith
hi r u good ur crazy and sorri but a bit weird but so am i! loved dat stori!
7/7/2008 c12 6charmed-darkangel
nice story
1/28/2008 c12 2SEAGUL
I liked it. You didn't do the whole "the guy i'm dating/engaged/married to now is the father of the child i had years ago" by making Henry Peyton's father, which was very good. Those types of stories are very predictable. I liked what you did with this. I was a little confused as to why Toni didn't come to the hospital, and didn't notice Peyton missing while she was in the Underworld.
5/25/2007 c6 paige rules
i think this story is really good so far and i read the whole author's note so i get my treat ?
4/8/2007 c12 charmedgirl-alyssaphoebe
good story
4/5/2007 c11 SpArKiEs
it's...over? wow, where've i been?
4/5/2007 c12 No That's Creepy
i finally finished reading the whole it
4/5/2007 c1 peaceonchicken
yay! she's done after 10 1/2 months! NOw I can watch family guy w/o being interrupted. I think i might finish the BElly Dancer one cuz u inspired me! YAY! I liky
4/5/2007 c12 18AK-tutti
"I like cake, but that doesn't mean I own Charmed."

Haha . In my personal book, I would have given you 4 stars out of 5 for this story, but with that comment it sneaks up to 5 stars .
1/12/2007 c10 1mmelon3
hey, i like this story alot, can't wait for the update!
12/4/2006 c9 SpArKiEs
p.s...i've been reading 'em! (major improvement for me)
12/4/2006 c10 SpArKiEs
nice one, paige
12/3/2006 c10 8no-no-no-no-1
Yes. There should be a sequel. AWESOME STORY! And, just to let you know, I read the entire authors note in chapter six. The entire thing... now give me the treat, even though it's late. But YAY! They saved Peyton! And I really loved how you gave her a P name! LOL. But this story's very good, I'd love to see more of it.

12/3/2006 c10 lilly
you should sequel it with like her growing up with the CO's as perents
12/3/2006 c10 13charmedbaby11
What are Peyton's powers?
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