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for What Would You Give?

10/29/2006 c1 16Shunatsu
I'm guessing... their lives. Is it? If so then YAY I WON A MILLION BUCKS! *Ahem* Lost my mind there.
9/30/2006 c1 16Alexnandru Van Gordon
Yeah...I wouldn't want to see them die either. People are sometimes too keen on giving up their lives for someone else...they don't understand what they put other people through when they're gone. Wonderful poem.

-Standing ovation

-ALexnandru Van Gordon

PS: I have two other friends who write awesome Robin vs. Slade stories; very professional. One is dlsky (wrote "Cat and Mouse") and the other is Insaneiac the Maniac (wrote "Third times the charm" and a couple other cool stories). If you ever get bored of looking for something else to read, check them out.
8/23/2006 c1 Dark Queen
Pretty good. I can never really work poetry myself, it just... looks like Beastboy tried to write poetry...

BB: Hey!

Sorry BB. Anyway, pretty good. BTW, who's POV is it?
6/30/2006 c1 134Rasuto
Reminds me of Insanity 101's poem 'Sacrifice.' The four resounding lines were brilliant.
5/24/2006 c1 plinko
Blah Linds what do you mean by bad...tis good! :P

From me...poutine girl :P
5/24/2006 c1 150Green Gallant
That was good. It was from Robin's perspective right?

Sounds like him and yet at the same time it sort of sounds like Raven. Which is it?

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