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for End of Voldemort and A New Beginning

6/1/2008 c5 1yumi2482
7/3/2006 c4 2Aidean
7/3/2006 c2 Aidean
Good story; I like the concept alot. And...YAY! Ritual magic!
7/3/2006 c3 11amythestpony
Bravo! I love this, update soon...

6/19/2006 c1 20Realilly
idk...i doubt that voldemort would lose so easily and that the "charmed 1z" would join. how would they kno about hp and why would they care so much? if u don't want flamez, then how come u flame other storiez like "Sacrifice" by pinkpigmypuff? o_O
5/27/2006 c1 25xSlashable

I have to say this was quite an interesting story. I thought there was really something that kept me reading. But I think you could do better. It was just to simply written. I don't think Harry would actually go to a party after Voldemort was dead. He might, but if you think of it. After you've killed that man that killed your own parents, I mean, come on, I think he'd be thinking about them and how they died and be somewhat more emotional.

What I'm saying could possibly mean nothing to you of course. But I just wanted to say. That the story on its own was good, your ideas were good. Now just try to change the way you've written it all down.

For instens if Ron and Hermione were dying. I think their would've been more to be said and maybe some tears to be spilled.

I'm not trying to offend you, I'm just trying to help. And I'll say it again: I really think the idea behind the story is very good.


Emma Lou
5/25/2006 c1 2Pherret
I liked it a lot. It's too bad you didn't make it a chapter story. It would have been cool for you to continue it. I love Charmed and Harry Potter, so I enjoyed the way you combined the two story plots together. Great Job. Maybe you should make a sequel...

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