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7/19/2008 c1 7Accio Harry Potter
I liked that a lot, for being a spur of the moment fic it was very well written, the characterizations were quite perfect. Really well done. [=
4/4/2007 c1 15SkyHighFan
Why did you even bother reading it then Anon? I'm sorry it's so bad it's one of the first stories I ever did (like the second or third) and I did it on the spur of the moment
7/14/2006 c1 16waterdragon719
You sure it was spur of the moment? It was one of the best spur of the moments I've read...
6/21/2006 c1 33Whole Lotta Sarah Tribbiani
Yeah, I do that a lot. Spur of the moment things are usually quite good. Like this. Although some of the long paragraphs were difficult to read.
5/29/2006 c1 1Dreamer of Tales
It definately has possibilties so please keep writing. I look forward to their adventures.

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