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for Tangled Lives At Hogwarts Discontinued

12/23/2006 c12 17Dinobitch
I would love to see Andrea and Harry being paired up.. it's like a slytherin girl being paired with the boy who lived and will totally have a tangled mind,.. do you get what i think?

then there will be Angelina and malfoy and ginny... we can't pair ginny with harry coz they're separated now,.. i think it's time to have a love triangle with all of them...

hehe... i just want your story done...


sweet cho14
12/20/2006 c12 Jamie Jiang
I think what you did is perfect. I wouldn't have done it any other way!
8/22/2006 c11 Dinobitch
hello there! i must say they have a great plan for Andrea. Pansy's such a malicious girl! i hate people like that...

why was Draco sweating? was the detention room like fifty miles away from the common room? just joking!

again, i must say, JOB WELL DONE!

so, people out there,.,. REVIEW! this stiry is the bestest fan fiction ever written!
8/12/2006 c10 Dinobitch
hey... that was lovely! more chapters please! i've already got my glasses, i swear, there really helpful as i read your story...

sweet cho14
8/9/2006 c9 3Lily in a Pond
Hey! You're back from Taiwan! Had a nice trip?

I like your protrayal of the clique-y Slytherin girls in this chapter - so realistic (i.e. Peggy and Becky and all their cronies).

Ahahahahahahaha! Malfoy is a loser, Malfoy is a loser, MALFOY IS A LOSER! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

(Sorry, I'm on an apple high...)
8/9/2006 c9 17Dinobitch
I review on stories that really make me go to the edge of the chair just to indeed read and understand it clearly...this is one of the bestest story that ever made me feel the same, both excited with new chapters and me going right infront of the computer screen just to read(that's why i'm having a pair of glasses next week) hihihi... your story is the bset girl! so much fascinating!

the last chapter was really great, and very well done,.,i can imagine the look on Andrea's face when she saw her twin kissing the man of her desire heart...Ouch!

and i definitely want to see why would Draco have a gloomy detention, apart that he thinks that spending 2 hours with Andrea...

i can't wait for the update...JUST PATIENCE!

Sweet cho14 **^_^**
8/4/2006 c8 Dinobitch
great to see you again! i'ver been waiting for almost a month for the new chapter! but i must say, it's worth waiting.,.,.,.

she kissed him! omg! i'm totally confused right now,,i thought she likes draco? she kissed them both!well,, as if they kissed her both! i'm totally confused! can you help me?

Zabini is bisexual! that made me laugh! Ron really does have excuses for everything!

great story! thisis one of the best story i have ever read! keep on going girl!

sweet cho14 *^_^*
8/4/2006 c1 mista eko
You said at the end of this chapter that you want to know how to improve, and I do have a suggestion, but I really really don't want you to take this personally: The descriptions of the twins in the first and second paragraph of this chapter seem a bit superfluous. I think you'd be better off without both of them and just started off with Andrea in the common room. Then you could just insert hints about the twins while things are going on.

I really don't want to sound mean, or like I know better than you. I have to work on so many things myself; I just want to help.

Plus, the dinosaur thing was cute. ^_^
7/2/2006 c7 Dinobitch
wow! you go girl! i think Harry having a little wozzy thinking lately,...kepp up the good work gurl! i'll wait for the other P.O.V.'s
6/29/2006 c6 3Shameful Joy
I like this, do continue!
6/29/2006 c6 17Dinobitch
finally! i've waited for so long about my story..ehem..this story...really great, a ginny's point of view! but i really agree that she somehow was very possesive with harry. so keep up the good work and write more chapters!pretty please?...

have a nice vacation!
6/4/2006 c5 absolutelyjoyful
Hmm... what should I say? I think it's very interesting that the twins have each fallen in love with their "enemy houses" as in Andrea who is in Slytherin has likes Harry, who is in Gryffindor. Why is Andrea in Slytherin, anyways? Just curious...
6/4/2006 c1 absolutelyjoyful
Interesting story so far. I've found a few grammar mistakes, but otherwise it's well written.
6/4/2006 c5 Dinobitch
oh my gosh, i don't care if Andrea( In the story ) is a hard headed something, i still love the story. you made me feel very happy on this story. actually i would prefer you make a Ginny point of view, she's been out of placed already in the story. so keep up the good work and i will keep my eyes and hands( for reviewing) in this story!...TATA!
6/3/2006 c4 Dinobitch
oh my gosh! i really like the story! did you know that my name is Andrea? oh, i'm so really liking this story,.,.,.,i hope you update sooner..SOONER!
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