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1/14/2009 c1 37digigirl02
Aww, how sweet.
3/4/2008 c1 mimi6555
I love this story! I think you should have made Sharpay and Ryan a couple instead of just brother and sister. I know that most people doesn't like brother/sister, but you could always make it so that one of them is adopted!
9/19/2007 c1 2Daniel Pendragon
Great! Keep reading, writing and reviewing, especially High School Musical. I'd consider revising and making something happen to Sharpay making her like she is in HSM1.

3/27/2007 c1 lcamca
AW, this is such a cute story!
11/22/2006 c1 6crushie
That was so sweet! I love it! This is definitely going on my favorites list!
9/30/2006 c1 1KevinJonasRocks01
it was so cute i loved it.

~lucas lover~
6/28/2006 c1 4Phantom-Lover984
Uwah! This is possibly the cutest HSM Fanfic ever! I love the ones about Ryan and Sharpay (not RyanxSharpay, or Ryan slashes, those are just wrong). But good work!
6/11/2006 c1 6alwayspotter714
awsweet...but...mime...okay...but...AWESOME STORY!
5/29/2006 c1 1randomstranger824
aw! thats a really good story!
5/29/2006 c1 39NoDoubtFan
so cute. I really liked it.
5/29/2006 c1 54Mondler4EvEr
that was sweet and cute! loved it!
5/29/2006 c1 13CaitlinLovesYou
aw! this was, like, the sweetest thing i've ever read! congrats on being such a great author! yup. i'm so putting this on my favorites :)
5/28/2006 c1 2Dreaming Wide Awake
Hey, that was cute. I really liked it! Keep up the good work!

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