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for High School Musical 2

3/1/2016 c14 Someone
I love the fight scene, it was great to listen to, and picture
2/29/2016 c2 Someone
I actually thought that Jason was going to be arrested for something, but I'm glad that's not the case
2/17/2012 c1 CHAD HILTON
4/11/2008 c26 2AngelsNight
Wow, i loved it. It was really good. You know, i really like how you write, i say this as wiccan also.

anyway, just wanted to let you know that im back to writing and that I really apologize this great delay I took in updating, but I had a big accident and some other issues. I hope you can enjoy my fics again since i know you use to be a great fan of them. Take care and best of wishes.

blessed be.
9/23/2007 c26 Munazza
That was the greatest story i ever read. I'm serious. Are u going to have a sequel? =)
6/27/2007 c26 zanessaluver108
I loved it! I thought there was more it's sad that it ended! :(

But it was cute because of Troy and Gabriella and Jason and Kelsie
3/18/2007 c26 iamaharshreviewer.dealwithit
Sequal? :?
3/16/2007 c26 confusednikki24-7
Really good story! I loved the ending!
2/19/2007 c26 dreamer 3097
that was a good ending
2/19/2007 c26 3Ghostwriter626
aw lol
2/19/2007 c26 Brian
Aw, no fair!

Still good, Phebs.

Keep up on the others.
1/26/2007 c25 12AllForLoveAndHappiness
plz plz plz update. why wont u update. plz hurry. plz ill b ur best friend. plz why. do u not like us anymore. plz update
1/24/2007 c1 AllForLoveAndHappiness
this is so good. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz keep going. plz ill give u a cookie. chocolate chip? lol plz keep going
1/21/2007 c25 Swan Crawley
1/20/2007 c25 3kevin.jonas.x3
OMG...Great chapter. Update soon.
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