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for Self Destruct DISCONTINUED

4/18/2016 c18 2Aemith
Continued eventually huh?
12/9/2011 c1 4iJammer
UMMMM I 'HOPE' you plan on continuing this WTF! If not I am forcing you to since I already read through like 13 of the chapters so yup you will be cornered during our dialogue and I will be like je t'aime PYROOO
11/21/2011 c18 xxdarkvampireangelxx
Awesome bit disappointed that it's discontinued though
4/6/2010 c18 2XxRikela-chanxX
NO! It's so good, why discontinue such an awesome story? =O I loves it, *sniff* well it's your choice, again, AWESOOME! ^^ 33
12/31/2009 c18 baldy911
This is great and if you get your xmanness again can you update plz
8/23/2009 c18 3corbsxx
ah man this was so good please update ...after wat 3 years? anyway UPDATE !
8/23/2009 c10 corbsxx
oh i love this its a great story !
7/11/2009 c18 Broken.Profile
Eventually? LOL I just read it, sorry it's a very late review. It's great. I wish there was more.
11/29/2008 c18 You cant rush science
Cool story cant wait for more!
8/16/2008 c18 nekuranekomegami
i love this story!

8/15/2008 c18 4littlelostsecert
great story! i can't wait till you update.

8/11/2008 c18 Sarah
I love this story hope you continue it.
11/25/2007 c18 1Mmmuffins
I realized I never reviewed for this story before. Hmm, that's very odd. Anyway, I really love this story. You have a great character and your writing its awesome. Update soon, not eventually!

11/13/2007 c18 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome X-Men story, can't wait till the next update. Hope you do soon.

8/15/2007 c18 8buffyandspike-4ever
Oh, I love this story. Please update soon. I can't wait to see what happens when Mary meets Magneto and Mystique. Please update!
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