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for The Three SasuSaku Disasters

9/22/2012 c2 Pilar Ann
Sasuke-baka! . your a ninja for hells sake.. go run after her!
9/23/2011 c3 11Higanbana.4
The last chapter was really... the ending was a blow. Beautiful plots :)
7/14/2011 c1 2anime-novel-lover
omg :(... a really beautiful story. love your writing
12/25/2010 c3 a spark in the embers
Oh Goodness. YOU ALMOST MADE ME CRY! I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES! :'( Consider yourself a good angst writer.

Sasuke moved on, Sasuke moved on, augh, and it just breaks my heart each time he moves on-but something about the girl resembles Sakura, and ohmygosh...it's never to be, /3 /3

eh, the first oneshot: So...bittersweet. The world kinda reminds me of The Giver, mm? Every heard of it? It's by Lowis Lowery.

Second oneshot: Mm, not as good as the others. Sorta cliche, with the whole stepparent being mean and what not...but I liked the flamingo part.

The thing I liked about the third one was mainly the way you wrote it...especially the part about how Sakura realizes she's infringing on everyone /3 breaks my heart, breaks my heart...

10/2/2010 c3 53Crazy Cherries
I'm still crying. All I can think to say is: beautifully sad.
6/13/2009 c3 7TrinityAngelX
wow, ur really good with tragedies O: the 3rd one is really heart breaking :S
3/25/2009 c3 16IncandescentC

you broke my heart into little pieces!

i cannot believe Sasuke choose dumb-ass setsuna! That's not fair, sakura is the one for him...

now...im kind of confused...

The first chapter tells the story of them getting married...and then getting killed...

the second tells the story of Sakura moving to Sand and saying a dramatic goodbye to sasuke and all that...

the third tells the story of Sakura being 3 years at the hospital, and Sasuke getting engaged to Setsuna, a girl who is known to be very alike to Sakura...

i dont understand, they're are 3 completely different stories...

could you explain it to me...i will really appreciate it ^_^

great story, i loved it...so sad and touching but GREAT!

Thanks for writing it ^_^definetly one of my favs!
12/1/2008 c3 7Ice Princess Mishia
You really have problems, You are too um dramatic, besides that you are a great writer.
4/22/2008 c3 5Lina Mistress of Elements
man this is sad
4/19/2008 c1 Innocence and Instinct
i don't get it mind explaining this to me :p but i like it
3/25/2008 c3 Darkness
That was probably one of the most sad Sasuke/Sakura stories I have ever read. All three of the stories were fantastic. It's sad how she died in the end. T_T The ending of the 1st story made me sad too. But you are a fantastic writer to make the readers feel emotion like that. :D
3/4/2008 c3 7KahliaxBeloved
This is kinda weird to say this but Thank you for writing this.

I think that you just helped my friend realized that shouldn't take the most beautiful things in life forgranted. These were nicely written...I love it
8/27/2007 c1 Melon-Cauli
I LOVE the last two it was freaking GOOD!:P
8/1/2007 c3 wickedcherryblossom
these stories made me cry why is sasuke marry such a b*h
7/3/2007 c3 6NorthernLights25
I think you should make sequals for the last two. On how Sasuke reacts. That would be nice.
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