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for Salt Water

8/31/2001 c1 Audrey
OMG...that was so sad.. good job...
7/20/2001 c1 4Liz6
Beautiful :)

~ Liz
5/31/2001 c1 goo
u totally read isabel. i think that is really how she feelt. good story.
5/28/2001 c1 Liz
Loved it! Although I wish you would have written about Issy's feelings at the end of the ep. , when she found out that it was Tess that killed Alex, and was going to deliver them to Kivar once they managed to get back to the home planet, and that it had all been a giant set up.
5/28/2001 c1 52Lioness Black
Oh, that's fantastic. Just beautiful. I loved it. ~Lioness

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