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5/14/2022 c15 scarlettagramont
I've been reading and waiting for an update of your fanfic for years, even so I loved your way of narrating it and maintaining the personalities of V and Evey, but I especially adored VĂ­ctor, a very sweet boy with his father's charm

I would like to ask your permission to publish your fanfic on Wattpad and translate it into Spanish (I am Latin and there are a large number of people who adore V) obviously I will put you as the author of the fanfic, I will only take care of translating it

Please, I would like your permission to translate it and add it to Wattpad
3/17/2017 c15 2ilovedrew
God... You can't go like this... I want an update... Pleaseeeeeeeee
11/13/2016 c1 1TheAuthorofGallifrey's been 10 years. I have hoped you'll update...I have hope...
12/2/2015 c15 Tonomuyo
D: Where is the update?! I'm dying. FAAAAAAAAAAAAC
11/26/2015 c15 Eva Goblin
I love your amazingly written stories, and really enjoyed this one!
But why do u never finish your stories ?
1/13/2014 c15 Rock Kiddo
Hey there. I've read a lot on fanfictions about V and Evey.. but this one left me spechless. It's just.. amazing. I mean, when my friends ask me about the movie, I just continue to tell them about V's boy, Victor and about the twins. And they look at me like : "WTF? What baby?" It's just awesome. Victor is so sweet and I like how you made V react. Waiting for more chapters..
XoXo, Andreea. :D :*
1/9/2014 c5 Rock Kiddo
THIS IS AWESOME! You, you just made my day!
10/28/2013 c15 13EwigeStudentin
What a scary place to leave this story... I think I got over it only because there is Dancing with Vittriano to help me... just like this story helped my frazzled nerves after the scary place where you had left "Goblin's Delight".
It's funny to see how often stories don't get continued after A/N's of "More coming soon" :)
Oh well. It was VERY GOOD as long as it lasted. I see you've spent a whole year writing this story - while working on some others simultaneously. WOW. You are a very prolific writer, and I enjoy your writing very much :)
I have already read some other stories of yours (I am always a little behind with my reviews), and while I enoyed all of them, I think this one is my favorite so far because it is so full of delicious twists and turns. Great job, really. Thanks for sharing!
10/28/2013 c14 EwigeStudentin
Gahhh, the tension! And those scary politicians of yours! Do you know your politicians are the most scary ones in the world of ff? Hmmpf.
10/28/2013 c13 EwigeStudentin
Wow, so much has happened in this chapter!
Loved that Evey and Eric could finally talk to each other.
Loved the tension at Eric's intrusion, and the way V handled it - both in the bedroom and in the TV room. Very smooth, and very V.
The Stanton bit was scary, again...
10/28/2013 c12 EwigeStudentin
The Stanton part was horrible. I have picked up on the name right away but I think I was mostly disappointed by Carson. Oh well.

Evey and Eric's shouting made me feel better in the end. I know, I feed off drama. lol
10/28/2013 c11 EwigeStudentin
The beginning of this chapter was outright hilarious! Loved how Eric was tortured with details, and then Mr. Winters!.. Mwahaha!
The men with the camera scared me a bit here, then. Glad nobody came to harm.
And your idea to invite Eric to the Gallery was ingenious! Only great stuff can come out if it! LOL
10/28/2013 c10 EwigeStudentin
Love the names :) Especially those Victor awarded them with! hehe
10/27/2013 c8 EwigeStudentin
Whaaaaa! That was so good. Gotta love confrontations - and poor Finch, he's got to learn the truth the hard way...
10/27/2013 c7 EwigeStudentin
I think I spazzed out when I read this chapter for the first time. So much happens! Dom gets it - yay! and goes to confrant V - OMG what's going to happen!? Glad you solved it as you did!

Evey and Finch make out - yet another OMG! The whole scene was very in character for them both. Great job - also on V's reaction afterwards! Boah it was scary!
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