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for Love at First Sight

7/28/2006 c4 hyper-active-anime-grl
Your story just keepps getting better and better. Update soon! :)
7/26/2006 c2 1GoOutBlazin
its good, although the chapters are a little short. but its good.
6/26/2006 c3 hyper-active-anime-grl
OMG Kikyo slapped Kagome! O she's in trouble... Well she deserves it. I liked the way you brought Inuyasha into the picture and making Kagome fall for him. Its SO cute! I really like your story and i hope you update soon! :)
6/26/2006 c3 4priestessmykala
the seems decent though i think that you left our a line when inuyasha was supposed to be saying thank you for her not freaking out over being cut
6/4/2006 c1 1idolize-it

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