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for Dracula's Cinderella

6/7/2006 c2 9Red Queen of Diamonds
I don't want it to end. This story is SO good. I hope you choose to update soon!
6/6/2006 c2 Princess Airiana
Ha! It's good to know that there are people there who aren't afraid to insult those two women! I'm also glad Drac didn't fall for the flirtatious looks! He's smarter than that! I hope something happens and Amy gets the oppurtunity to get away from those two! The poor girl! Keep going!
6/6/2006 c1 Princess Airiana
Wow! I'm really impressed! And he liked her right away! That poor girl! I can tell I'm not going to like her step family at all! I hope you continue this! It's great!
6/6/2006 c2 6Mrs. Vladislaus Dracula
I like this story, so post soon. The descriptions are awsome.
6/4/2006 c1 Memory from a dream
This was good, ya had me nervous for Amy before she went on! That must be scary to sing in front of everyone plus play the piano! Also, i like the song u picked out, i know that 1! anywaz keep up the good work and update soon

Memory form a dream
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