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1/15/2013 c3 FERNANDE5
Great story and I loved the scatter of it definitly made u have 2 read the whole thing in order 2 find out wat happens instead of it being in order and u can figure out wat happens next.
8/6/2011 c3 43bluepianos
I can't even begin to describe how uniquely and excellently structured this was. Admittedly, it was a little confusing at first because my eyes kept accidentally skipping over the dates and times but afterwards I caught on. Then this last chapter was just… ugh. It was just wonderful and Ron continues to be so sweet and I just can't get over it.

Really loved this!

3/8/2011 c2 vase
story felt disjointed at parts with all the jumping around with the timeline but I am still enjoying it.

two things i notice about Kim possible stories kim feels she has the right to brow beat ron, to the point that ron fears kim and at times seems abusive. the other point i notice that there never is any parental consequences for the tweebs juvenile delinquent tendencies that are at time cruel towards their sister and dangerous towards Ron.

I wonder if this is a cultural thing that some parents allow their kids to be so reckless. still like your writing just like to read more fan fiction where ron can be sweet and loving but also act like a man. And if you write something as dangerous as ron being sent to the hospital by tweebs couldn't you can consider the appropriate punishment.
11/24/2010 c3 57Reader101w
Great story,

I see this ties in with several other stories you've written.

I take my comment about the other story back, that one was perfectly ordered compared to this one :P

Seriously though, it's a very interesting style in which you actually run several story-lines. And thanks to the date and time the story is good to follow (although I had to read back a lot to check the timeframe).

keep up the good writing,

8/2/2009 c3 Katsumara
Dunno how I never reviewed this story, and for that.. I'm ashamed, but goodness gracious did I enjoy the way that each separate story was told. It was all just so adorable, cute, and every other girly word that a manly man such as myself should not be using. Ever. At all. D:

Anyway, I'm looking forward the next chapter of "There Will Be Blood" .. I'm sure it'll be super special awesome.
7/6/2009 c3 5jkrust78
To quote Kim, sort of..."so the cute!" Very good writing reminicent of a play I saw called "The Slipknot", which involved multiple storylines all wrapped together. Very good job of exploring the Kim/Ron relationship.
2/9/2009 c3 1Michael Howard
The humor quotient went up to an even higher level here, but it complemented rather than overshadowed the many sharing, cherishing moments between Kim and Ron. I won't comment on the literary effectiveness of the nonlinear storytelling method you employ here - because I've never read the inspiring source material - although perhaps it could be said to symbolize the eternal quality of the two best friends relationship. If it is true that their shared love had no conscious beginning, then certainly there will not be an ending either. This love story is literally timeless.

Congratulations on presenting an incredibly touching, heartfelt Kim Possible story.
2/9/2009 c2 Michael Howard
"Dread was not something Kim was accustomed to, so she channeled it into a much more comfortable feeling, anger."

Written with the deft hand of someone who GETS Kim. Chapter one was very good, but you have surpassed yourself here with more humor and more emotional intensity.
2/9/2009 c1 Michael Howard
What a wonderful beginning to this story. The humor is natural and character driven, the dialogue flows very smoothly, and the emotional consequences of "So the Drama" are portrayed in a thoughtful, logical manner.
4/28/2008 c3 4sparky24
Wow. I have never seen a fanfiction story cross both Huxley and Joyce before, and given the state of most fanfiction (including my own) probably never will again. Great story. In fact all of your stories are very well done. I've enjoyed spending my time reading the various one offs and will probably dive into your crossover with Gravity's Rainbow. Though that last one still gives me second thougts.But if you can fit Joyce and Huxley into Kim Possible, you probably can fit Pynchon too.
7/7/2007 c2 49Midzst
The jumping around kind of confuses me. Why was Ron dressed like Zorpox?
6/20/2007 c3 31Kipcha
5/23/2007 c3 10Trombe
Excellent job as always. This one truly made be a believer in the Kim/Ron relationship. I thought your stories with them as preteens was good. Man this was just too good to describe in words.

Right here, yeah just right here.

“Don’t even,” Kim laughed. “Wow,” she said looking at it, “I never knew.”

“I always knew,” Ron smiled.

Very VERY moving. The prospect of someone who loves you knows you more then you know yourself is a very moving depiction of how deep Ron's love runs for Kim.
4/20/2007 c3 ASDHIWLTIJK
That is just the sweetest thing ever. No, really. I mean it.
12/2/2006 c3 CastaS
great story, i enjoyed it much.
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