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for The Curse of the vampire

3/15/2021 c9 ArashiNokitsune
okay practically read the story and I...I just can't help but question what did I just read this is practically an impromptu crack crossover fic Antics and the like, just random stuff being pulled out of nowhere and there's no development just things being there going with the crazy... the random fourth wall braking is not helping the story's case either... just... random crazy I suppose
1/12/2010 c9 49Ninja Master
Another aweasome ch! Up date one day!
1/11/2010 c2 Ninja Master
Is Ron going to have any powers at all?
8/29/2008 c2 57Donteatacowman
Good story, but the author's commentary is very distracting. Include those bits in your Author's Notes.
5/23/2007 c9 puppylove
Vary nice so far. Also, Vary impressive vocab! Teach me and maybe I migh pass an english test, for once. hehehe, just kidding. Nice story write next chapter asap.

The pup is out.

11/10/2006 c7 Daxo
this is just a crazy story

so i love it


ok see you
7/25/2006 c1 Rpgking7
Just curious how much of this is being based off of the castlevania games? If any of it is, besides Alucard.
6/12/2006 c2 21Deyinel
Cool, though I hope Ron has some awsome powers to. Update soon!
6/7/2006 c1 Deyinel
Cool story! Update soon!
6/6/2006 c1 Skull2
You don't need to put your input at each paragraph as it is damn annoying and boring

to read as we can figure things ourself and if we don't we can always email

you on some things we dont understand. overall this story does need some work and

no more narrating on the story unless its at the beginning or end of the story which will make this story interesting to read.
6/6/2006 c1 zeerak
keep it up

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